Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review ~ Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms

I recently had the opportunity to read  Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms written by Mary Jo Tate and published by Apologia Educational Ministries.  What a wonderful book! It's 288 pages are filled with inspiration. I found this book to be not just for homeschooling moms but moms in general. I know that every mother out there has probably at one time struggled with balance in life. This book had me evaluating how I was spending my time, helped me set appropriate goals and showed me practical ways to deal with inevitable interruptions. I was also able to fill out an great pre-book self evaluation. The questions were wonderful and challenged me to really be honest with myself. By the time I was finished with the evaluation, I was ready to start reading through the book's 16 chapters to find balance and ways to flourish.

The author, Mary Jo Tate, is a single, homeschooling veteran of four sons, and successfully runs a home business. In this book she shares her story of how God provided for her and helped her move forward, find balance and flourish. She shares what she has learned on her journey through her inspiring, encouraging words and practical, real-life principles. I found this book to be a true blessing. Mary Jo Tate has a gift of writing in a way that not only helps the reader understand but inspires one to make changes to flourish themselves. 

As I started reading this book, I reflected onto my own life. I started thinking about the many times I have struggled with finding balance, wondering how I was going to get it all done. One of the first things I remember reading that really, really jumped at me, was when Tate stated that the short answer to the question, I'm sure every homeschool mom hears - "How do you do it all?" is a simple I don't, and I redefine "it all." I pondered that! Redefine "it all."   I sat for awhile wondering what it meant for me. Reading on I read - Nobody does it all. Four simple words that really seem so simple, but in reality how many times have I, along with many others, truly thought we had to do it all! There always seems to be this and that, this and more that's. It sometimes gets to be so much, I want to just crawl in bed and come out for dinner, but then who would cook dinner, ha!  I loved reading that in order to flourish, we have to change our mindsets. Mary Jo Tate does a marvelous job showing ways to change mindsets and redefine "it all."  

I loved how she detailed three main categories that circumstances fall into. 

  •  Irreducible Facts - Things you can't change
  •  Non-Negotiables - Things you won't change
  •  Preferences - Things you can change and are willing to change. 

Reading these really helped me put things in perspective. Since I can't change or won't change many things, I was reminded that changing my attitude towards them would benefit my life. I am choosing to move forward with this better attitude and looking forward to prioritizing and changing the things I can. 

I also want to add that at the end of each chapter is a great little area called - Take Action. In this section questions and step-by step exercises are presented. They really helped me reflect and start a plan of action. I think somethings I was able to say "I'm doing okay in this area" while other things inspired me to honestly want to take action. 

My favorite chapter in this book was the What Do I Do Next? Chapter. In this chapter Mary Jo Tate presents seven essential planning tools. So many times I will read very encouraging words that will make me want to make a change, but am left wondering well that was nice, but what do I do now or how will this work for me. I didn't feel this way with Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms. I felt that each step and idea was laid out in a way that was doable. I also loved how Mary Jo Tate added that if it was overwhelming, to feel free to tweak them to fit our situations. 

The book also includes customizable planning forms and special chapters for single moms and families who have a home business. While some chapters didn't pertain to my situation, I still found them to be very encouraging and a wonderful read.

Every time I would read something and have a "ah ha" moment, I would place a sticky to mark it. I finally realized that perhaps a highlighter would also work, because I seriously would probably have a sticky on each page. I was truly amazed at the amount of encouraging material. I loved it! I needed to read it and I feel blessed that I was able to. I know that this is a book that I will come back to time and time again.                                                                                                              
I believe Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms would benefit all mothers. I hope that if you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or perhaps just need a little balance in your life, that you would pick up a copy of this book. I believe you will be just as blessed by it as I was. 

You can currently order a copy for only $15.

In my opinion this is a wonderful price! The amount of encouragement and real-life principles in just the first chapters alone, make it worth it to me. 

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Arkansas Family Vacation - The Crater of Diamonds State Park

If our family needed anything lately, it was for sure some time together away from the house. As a homeschooling family we spend a good amount of time learning together at home. It's fun and we love it but every now and then it's awesome to explore the world and learn together away from the house as well. We just arrived back home from a wonderful family vacation. We went to the beautiful state of Arkansas. We had drove through before but had never stopped to visit. We are so glad we did. It was relaxing, fun, and educational. I'm glad we had the opportunity to take the trip and we are looking forward to returning sometime in the future. Today I will be sharing about our first stop.

Our first stop on the trip was The Crater of Diamonds State Park to look for some diamonds. Did we find any? Well no, but we did enjoy ourselves and would love to go back. The Crater of Diamonds State Park is located right outside of Murfreesboro, Arkansas. They offer a wonderful Teacher's Guide that is very educational. It teaches the history and can also help you plan a trip. Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only diamond-producing site in the world that is open to the public. It would have been so neat to find a diamond. It takes a bit of knowledge to know what to look for. At one point we thought we found a tiny one, only to discover it was a tiny piece of quartz. They do offer education presentations throughout the day and have very helpful staff in place to help identify and educate.

They also have a wonderful campsite that we stayed the night in. It only cost us $13.00. We were pretty impressed with the price and the beauty of the campsite. They also had a wonderful bath house across the path from the site.

It was so fun to pitch a tent with the kids and enjoy the great outdoors. We enjoyed sitting around the camp fire in the evening and making s'mores. In the morning we fixed yummy breakfast burritos and started packing up to head on the our next part of the adventure.

We found camping to be quite enjoyable and a great bonding experience. It was nice to see everyone work to together to make things run smoothly. Memories were made.

Have you been to The Crater of Diamonds State Park? If so, we would love to hear about your experience. Thinking about going and have questions? Feel free to shoot us a comment or email us.

Stay tuned to learn more about our trip. We will be sharing more soon. 

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Learning Experience - Sand Plum Jelly Experiment

It's the time of year where the wild sand plums are ready to be picked. In our area it's not hard to drive down a road and find them growing wild along the fence lines. We decided to take an evening to gather up as many as we could, to try our hand at making some yummy sand plum jelly. What an experience! I must admit, we attempted and jelly is not what we got. It was indeed a fail. We instead ended up with sand plum syrup. Very, very sweet sand plum syrup. It's funny, I messaged a friend who makes it and asked her how long it takes to set up. Her reply was short and sweet. It said "You have syrup, don't you?" ummm... Yep. Apparently it wasn't her first rodeo. I honestly think we used too much water and sugar. I did package them up very nicely though with some great FREE printables I found on Pinterest. I'm not upset, we can use it on our pancakes and it was a learning experience.
We will also try again soon. In the meantime, I have found some recipes and I thought I would share them here, for anyone wanting to attempt themselves.

Let's us know how it worked out for you. We would love to hear from you! 

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Moving Beyond The Page ~ Tornado & Amazing Weather ~ Review

Are you fan of unit studies?

Unit studies are some of our favorite studies. We love them because you can learn so much and they can be really hands-on. That's why we were so excited that we recently had the opportunity to review a Language Arts Package - Tornado and a Science Package - Amazing Weather from Moving Beyond the Page. Moving Beyond the Page is a fantastic company that sells complete curriculum, but they also sell individual units so you can customize your studies or supplement a curriculum you are currently using.

We were able to pick two individual units from a fantastic list. The reason we choose Tornado and Amazing Weather is because we live in what is essentially known as tornado valley. I figured these studies would be wonderful for us and I figured right! They were more than I had anticipated and we are very thankful we had the opportunity to learn using them. The two units can be done separately but were designed to compliment each other. We choose to do both of them at the same time. Both units are recommended for ages 7-9 and they include everything you need for a full study. This was fantastic, as it really made doing the lessons stress free.

Language Arts

The Tornado Unit included:
  • An Online Tornado Teacher's Guide
We received the online teacher's guide for the language arts unit. It includes all of the lesson plans, and you can print the PDF worksheet pages as you need them or all from the start. You also have the opportunity to save them in a file. I choose to print them all and place them in a folder so I would have them ready as they were needed. This worked well for us.
I felt that the lessons were laid out nicely and I loved how they gave you an idea of how many days a lesson should take. I didn't worry though when a couple times we took three days instead of the suggested two.  I love that these can be customized to your child's needs. I also really appreciated that they also include a page that shows what a typical days use looks like. Although, I did appreciate being able to work at our own pace.

Lesson 1: Weather on the Farm (2 Days)
Lesson 2: The Storm (2 Days)
Lesson 3: The Tornado
Lesson 4: A Card Trick
Lesson 5: Turtles (2 Days)
Lesson 6: The Best Pet Award
Lesson 7: Conflict
Lesson 8: The End of the Storm (2 Days)
Lesson 9: Plot
Final Project: Think-Tac-Toe

I found the online lessons easy to navigate and liked that they were checked off as they were completed. They can also be accessed from a tablet. Having this option is very nice, especially for the family on the move.

My favorite part of the online lessons is that in the lesson there is a button called IdeaShare. If other parents/teachers have submitted ideas for that particular lesson, there is ideas and links to check out. I found a bunch of fantastic ideas using IdeaShare. Some I tried and others that were just as great but just didn't get around to doing.

One con to the online lessons is you only have 90 days to complete the unit from the day you activate it. So if you would like to revisit a lesson in the future a physical copy would be more ideal.
  • Tornado by Betsy Byars
This book was fantastic! I loved how each chapter is broke down with a worksheet for question and answers. I felt that this really helped us retain what we were reading. The story is about a dog and his friend, a young boy, that meet during a tornado, hence naming the dog Tornado. The boy develops a great bond with Tornado. My daughters were thrilled with the book and at times had a problem stopping for the day. We also had the opportunity to learn more about life on a farm and what a tornado is capable of doing. I liked that it was easy to read and that the print was large. Another great thing about this book was the dog, Tornado, looks a lot like our black lab, Cujo. My daughters could really relate to the bond the boy felt with Tornado.

  • (A Little Golden Book) How the Turtle Got Its Shell - Tales From Around the World 
 Another fantastic book and a great opportunity for us to learn more about turtles. We had a lot of fun doing research about turtles during this study. We now even have a pet turtle. My daughter even made a turtle out of boxes and insisted he watch a show about turtles with us. It was pretty cute.


The Amazing Weather Unit included:

  • Amazing Weather - Physical Teacher's Guide Book
The Teacher's Guide is a spiral bound book with lesson plans and student activity pages. We found the activities to be very educational and hands-on. We had a ton of fun doing the activities and a favorite of ours was creating a weather vane. Other examples of hands-on activities we did, was making a barometer, a tornado in a bottle, recording temps and rainfall. Recording rainfall couldn't have came at a better time. We live in an area that has been in a serious drought for some time. We just recently starting receiving a good amount of rainfall. I have to admit, it felt good to be able to complete this activity.   

Lesson 1: Whatever the Weather
Lesson 2: Heat and Temperature (2 Days)
Lesson 3: The Wind (2 Days)
Lesson 4: Precipitation (2 Days)
Lesson 5: Wild Weather
Lesson 6: Geography and Weather (2 Days)
Lesson 7: Reason for the Season
Lesson 8: Habitats and Weather
Final Project: Weather Report

One con to the physical copy is that the pages cannot be copied. However, you can buy a separate set of student activity pages if you want an extra or to use with multiple children.

  • On the Same Day in March - Written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Frane Lessac
This book was a great addition to our weather study. It is beautifully illustrated and we loved how the author describes the many different types of weather, agriculture, geography and cultures from all around the world

  • DK - Eye Wonder - Weather
Another great addition to the unit. This book was used when learning more in depth on a particular subject. It was nice to be able to open to a certain page to gain more knowledge and the illustrations were fun and eye catching. It was also easy to read.

  • Boiling Point Thermometer
This was used during an activity, where my daughter had to record a daily temp. I thought it was great that it was included and my daughter enjoyed learning to read it as well.

Final Thoughts 

Both units were filled with fun activities to do and learn. There was never any dull moments with these units. Both units were thought out and put together so well. I really loved not having to plan, but just do. I did feel that some of the writing activities were a bit hard for my daughters, but we were able to change things to make it work. Sometimes by drawing and other times by having them tell me, me write it, and them copy it. The thing is, it worked for us. That's what I loved about both units.  Overall, we had a ton of fun learning about the many different subjects and I would highly recommend them to someone looking for a unit that requires little planning and lots of fun learning.  I will definitely keep Moving Beyond the Page in mind when I'm looking for units in the future.

What do these Individual Units cost?

Language Arts Package - Tornado -  Physical Unit is $24.97 and the Online Unit $20.91

Science Package - Amazing Weather - Physical Unit is $36.97 and the Online Unit $32.91
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunflower Unit Resources

Sunflowers make me happy. There is something just so cheery about them that just warms my heart. My family and I planted some mammoth sunflowers this year in our garden and have very much enjoyed watching them grow. 

We recently had fun measuring them.

This activity prompted me to find sunflower resources for my daughters to learn more about them. I wanted to share my finds with you. Enjoy! 

I can't wait to try my hand at making ALL NATURAL, HOME MADE TOASTED SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER

 write about sunflowers by using this graphic organizer

make observations and log findings

We hope you enjoyed the resources. :) 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Homeschool For Mostly Free

Is it possible to homeschool for FREE?

I'm not going to sugar coat anything. Homeschool for absolutely free, as in not spend a penny....NO! In my opinion, it just isn't possible. The truth is, it costs money to have stuff and do stuff. I say this because when you homeschool you should know that you are indeed going to be spending money on one thing or another. This could be gas for a vehicle, paper and ink for a printer, that one book you just couldn't find for free, homeschool supplies, or perhaps homeschool co-op fees. The list could go on. I will say that I believe it is possible to be extremely thrifty and find free materials. Below are some tips to be able to homeschool for mostly free.

1) Visit the Library - The library is a fantastic resource and one that I believe every homeschooling family should have access to and use. 

2) Take a Walk - Gas prices these days are ridiculous! If it is possible, walk to your destination. Walks are great for not only health but also wonderful for nature and community studies. 

3) Share With a Friend - Does a friend have a curriculum or book you would like? Perhaps you have one they would like. Make a swap. 

4) Find Resources on the Internet - Google, Pinterest, homeschool blogs, and many other sites are filled with fun ideas, worksheets, and freebies. Type in what you need and you might just find it. 

Here are a couple favorite sites of ours

5) Make Your Own Curriculum - This does take time, but I have found it to sometimes be the best fit for my family. It is very possible to find freebies and put them together to build your own studies. 

6) Download Free Kindle Books and Apps - Okay, so the Kindle cost money but the books and apps don't have to. I have been able to find many free books and apps that have aided us in our homeschooling journey. 

7) Visit Youtube - Private lessons can be costly. Does your child want to learn to crochet or maybe play an instrument? Visit Youtube. My daughter has learned to both crochet and play the guitar using this amazing resource. 

8) Have a Sale - Do you have books and curriculum you are no longer using? Sell those items and use the money to purchase what you need. 

9) Re-purpose - Empty coffee cans make great supply holders, pallets can make great book shelves, and dish racks can hold files and folders. There are a ton of things a person can reuse in homeschooling. Pinterest is great for finding these ideas. 

10) Take a Free Field Trip - Visits to your local police and fire departments can be great field trips. Perhaps you can arrange to visit a local farm. Some areas even offer free museums. Fields trips don't have to be expensive to be fun and educational. Don't feel like leaving home. That's fine as well. Virtual field trips are a fun way to learn and explore the world as well. 

11) Save Here, Spend There - Cut cost in one area to use for homeschooling. For example: I've been known to call companies and ask for a lower rate or discount. Sometimes we have saved a lot and other times we haven't. You just have to try. The point is, if you are freeing money from one area you can use it in another.

12) Plant a Garden - Food costs money and when you are providing three meals a day, everyday, it can get costly. While planting a garden isn't completely free, it can be low cost and eventually save you money. Gardening is very hands-on and educational.

13) Start a Micro Business - Micro businesses are simple and fast to start up. They are generally home-based and and can be started debt free. Running a business can provide extra income that can be used towards your homeschooling experience. The best part of all is you can learn while earning. My daughter recently started a micro business and has done well with it. 

Friends, I hope you found some ideas for homeschooling mostly free. If you have ideas, freebies, or just want to share a story, we would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below. 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Library and Educational Services ~ Go Science ~ Review

Science is important and in my opinion should be fun for students learning it. I'm really not that great at teaching it and have many times thought it would be super nice to have a science teacher available for my daughters and I. That's exactly what I felt I received when we recently reviewed Series 2 of the Go Science DVDs from Library and Educational Services.

Library and Educational Services is a small family owned business, that has been operating for 35 years. They are wholesale distributors that sell to libraries, schools, homeschools, re-sellers, specialty stores, churches, missionaries, daycare centers, and ministry leaders. What I love the best is the materials they distribute are carefully selected to ensure they are in harmony with Christian values and morals. I feel this is very important and something that I'm very thankful for. 

What are the Go Science DVDs?

The Go Science DVDs are a series of 7 DVDs that feature fun and educational science demonstrations hosted by a gentleman named, Ben Roy. Mr. Roy is a science teacher at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is the former director of a science program on television. His high-energy, fun teaching methods, and love for God truly make watching the DVDs not only educational but also highly entertaining. At the end of each demonstration, Mr. Roy says "Every time we learn something about science, we learn something about our Creator, God!" How true and powerful is that statement? I knew after watching the first demonstration that these DVDs were exactly what I wanted my girls to be watching. They are recommended for ages 4-12. We had the opportunity to pick 2 out of the 7 offered for our review. 

Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space
Volume 2: Life Science, Weather
Volume 3: Air
Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, and Light
Volume 5: States of Matter, Water
Volume 6: Chemistry
Volume 7: Engineering, Design, Flight

We choose Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space and Volume 2: Life Science, Weather.

How we used Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space

There is a lot offered in Volume 1. My daughters had a blast watching it and often paused to recreate demonstrations they were watching. We had some giggles and some "Ah ha" moments while watching. We found that the demonstrations were quick but always on point. Mr. Roy has a gift of being able to teach science in such a fun, engaging way. I'm going to break down each demonstration offered and explain how it impacted us. 
  • Piano - In this video my daughters were able to visually see how the strings on a piano worked. We loved this one. We have a piano and my daughters thought it was neat to learn what was happening as they push down a key.

  • Screaming Pop Can - My daughters absolutely loved this one. They had so much fun trying to get pop cans to scream. I had a blast watching as they attempted and even tried it myself. 

  • Balloon with Nut - My daughters had to try this one and rushed around trying to find a balloon and a nut. In this video Mr. Roy takes a balloon and nut and is easily able to create a buzzing sound. The girls thought it was neat how the sounds would vary depending on the speed they were twirling the balloon. 

  • Simple Telephone - This is the classic string and cup demonstration. One that we had done before, but one they were eager to try again. My daughters have always been fascinated by this one and I'm glad it was included. 

  • Reuben's Tube - One of our favorites! We had never heard of a Reuben's tube prior to watching this DVD. I'm so glad this was included. Mr. Roy did a fantastic demonstration. Watching this one, prompted us to do more research about it.

  • Breaking Glass - Of course, I'm sure we have all heard of a lady singing and breaking glass. Have you actually seen it done? Well there was no singing, but definitely some high pitch sounds that did indeed cause glass to break. We didn't try this one, but we really thought it was neat. 

  • Organ Pipes - In this demonstration organ pipes are blown through to hear sound and one is attached to a balloon filled with helium. The girls paused and had fun discussing what they felt would happen. 

  • Stick with String - This was fun and one that my girls also tried. Making sound with a string and stick by twirling it around. 

  • Water Whistle - In this demonstration Mr. Roy creates a fun water whistle. My girls also tried this one and I thought it was pretty entertaining watching them. 
  • Candle SeeSaw - In this demonstration it was fun to see how the wax from a candle can cause a seesaw motion. Another one we didn't try, but I'm sure we will in the future. 

  • Drop Book with Paper - If you place a paper on a book and drop it, will it fall at the same rate? I paused this one to ask my girls their opinions. It was fun to hear what my girls thought would and wouldn't happen. 
  • Sun Golf Balls - In this video the girls were amazed to learn the size of the earth compared to our sun. Mr. Roy does a fantastic job using golf balls to demonstrate

  • Solar Bag - We didn't get to try this one, but we really want to. In this video Mr. Roy took a very long bag and tied one end closed. He then runs with one end and it fills with air to float in the sky. It was so big and very impressive to my daughters. 

  • UV Beads - Another favorite. My daughters wanted to try this one really bad. I hope to be able to soon. In this video UV beads harness the power of ultraviolet rays to change colors right before your eyes.

  • Bang Barrel - Another we couldn't try at home, but wonderful as well. In this video Mr. Roy has taken a 2-liter bottle and filled it with liquid nitrogen so that it will explode. A barrel is placed on top and the barrel flies into the air. Very cool!

As you can probably tell, we truly enjoyed watching Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space and couldn't wait to watch Volume 2. 

How we used Volume 2: Life Science, Weather

Another great DVD that offered a lot in the way of science demonstrations. I knew from watching Volume 1 that this was also going to be a wonderful DVD and was trilled to again be watching with my daughters learning fun, engaging science. Once again, I'm going to break down each demonstration and try not to give away to much. 

Life Science:

  • Flashlight-Animal Eyes - Have you ever been driving down the road and your headlights meet the eyes of an animal? This is what is taught in this demonstration. The girls learned how spider eyes work along with many other insects and animals. I loved how he explained that God created them that special way. 

  • Animal Skulls - My daughters were able to see the skulls of a beaver, bear, and bob cat. They learned about the position of the eyes in relation to being a prey or a predator. 

  • Bobby Pins - This was about sense of touch and the ability to feel pressure on your hands and other parts of the body. He used the tips of bobby pins to apply pressure. The children had their eyes closed and had to guess whether one or two points were touching them. We gave it a try. It was neat to the girls, that they weren't able to get it right all the time. 

  • What Are You Looking At? - Did you know that when you look at someone you tend focus only on the eyes and mouth? My girls didn't until this demonstration. Mr. Roy showed a picture and the children were easily able to identify who it was until it was turned. The reason being, because the eyes and mouth were upside down. My daughters really liked this one. 

  • How Much Do Your Lungs Hold? - In this demonstration Mr. Roy was able to show how much air a persons lungs could hold by using an aquarium, a tube, and a jug of water. My daughters were surprised to learn just how much air a persons lungs could actually hold.

  • Eating Nails for Breakfast - We loved this experiment! Mr. Roy took a bag of cereal flakes and placed them in a bag with a small amount of water. He mashed it up and placed a magnet inside. He then removed the magnet and washed it off and placed little iron pieces on a plate to show everyone how iron is in our food and how God has designed our bodies to need certain minerals, like iron. It was very neat to see this and the girls were surprised that we have iron in our food. 

  • Naked Eggs - In this demonstration Mr. Roy shows how vinegar reacts with the calcium in the shell of an egg and how the vinegar slowly dissolves the shell.  He also showed how after seven days, the shell is completely gone. I loved how he explained that calcium in our bones is needed to keep our bones good and strong. We had tried this experiment before and it was neat to see it done again. 


  • Fire Tornado - This one was pretty neat. Being from Oklahoma we have seen our fair share of tornadoes. However, we had never seen a fire tornado. He explained to the children how fire fighters have to fight fire tornadoes sometimes. He also explained about choosing our words because we don't want them to get out of control like a fire tornado. 

  • Ping Pong Cannon - Another great one! In this experiment Mr. Roy used a pipe, a can, and a ping pong ball to show how a ping pong ball can go through a can. Mr. Roy vacuumed the air out from the pipe to make this experiment work. Then he put a hole in the end of the ping pong ball using a pair of scissors. The pressure of the air launched the ping pong ball with force. He joked with the children about being able to find money while vacuuming. This in turn made my daughters want to vaccuum. Wow! My girls were learning science and wanting to do chores! Yay, Mr. Roy! Pretty amazing for sure.

  • Liquid Nitrogen Cloud - This one was my daughters favorite. My oldest said "Mom! That was awesome!" Mr. Roy created a huge cloud using liquid nitrogen, a storage container, and hot water. The ending result was simply amazing for sure. 

  • Cloud in a Bottle - In this demonstration Mr. Roy pumped air pressure into a bottle. The pressure heats up the air molecules. He was able to make a cloud form inside the bottle when he removed pressure and then made it disappear by pumping more pressure. He explained how it was like our water cycle. We plan on trying this one soon. 

  • Garbage Can Vortex - In this experiment Mr. Roy filled a trash can that had a circle cut out on the end with fog. He had the children tap the bottom to create rings of smoke. They tried again, but this time using one that had a square on the end. My daughters thought a square smoke ring would appear. Mr. Roy explained how a square is not a strong structure in nature. He also explained how God made things round. The girls were intrigued to learn that a circle is the strongest shape in nature.

Our Final Thoughts 

We absolutely loved the Go Science DVDs. I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to review them. These are DVDs that can be watched over and over. I love that we can use them again, when we cover something in the future. I also loved how God and a Christian lesson are included in every science demonstration. It was also great that we could participate in some of the experiments at home. I didn't have to purchase anything, because most items could be found at home. However, some of the experiments were more elaborate and not safe to try at home. We sure loved being able to watch them though and learn why a certain process was happening. Science truly is fun! 

What do the Go Science DVDs cost?

They are available to purchase for just $8.97 each. This is a fantastic price in my opinion. I feel that the amount of information and fun experiments make these well worth the price. 

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