Friday, April 18, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~April 18

1) My oldest daughter has been practicing the guitar everyday this week. I love it! She really has a passion for learning and has been doing so good. 

2)  My garden survived the freeze! I was so worried. The weather is crazy. One day it was short weather and the next morning it was snowing. It didn't stick and went away fairly fast. It is now starting to warm back up. I hope the freezing stuff is now behind us. My daughters have plans to sell our extra produce at the local farmers market. They sure had a lot of fun making garden markers the other day. 

3) Okay friends, imagine your husband comes home with a surprise for you and it's a! lol  This didn't happen to me, but it did indeed happen to my mother. :) My girls were so excited and they had to go meet this duck. My mother decided that she just didn't have time to care for a duck so he has now been re-gifted to a family with children that can care for it. We were not that family, lol. We kindly declined. We would have gladly taken him, had we not lived in a city.

4) Speaking of ducks... We recently visited a park to play and the girls bee-lined it to sit and watch the pretty ducks. I had to get a picture. It was pretty precious.

5) Every year my family immensely enjoys fishing. We have a favorite little bridge spot. We drove out to check it out a couple days ago and we were so sad. :( Very little water. It has been so dry.  We really, really need rain.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - April 11

1) It's been way to long since I have participated in Random 5 on Friday. I've had a pretty busy schedule, but I plan to participate more often.

2) I recently dyed my own hair. Friends, this is not unusual. I have had ever color of hair you can imagine. Well, maybe not every color, but pretty darn close. :) I was aiming towards a dark brown and .....ummm it some how ended up black. I'm totally okay with it though. I actually think it looks pretty darn good. Just one minor hiccup. I didn't wear gloves and my hands are just a tiny bit stained. I've tried everything to get the dye off. I can't believe I'm admitting this. I wonder what my hair dresser would say...actually no, no I don't...;) Oh and feel free to leave suggestions on how to get this stuff off...just be nice :)

3) We recently planted a garden. I'm so in love with it already. My hubby built us a nifty pallet fence around it and even added some cool rope lights. It looks pretty cool in the evening.

4) The weather has been fantastic. Wonderful planting weather, or so I thought. I just learned that it might freeze in a couple days.. Now I've been scrambling around trying to protect the plants we have already planted. :(

5) I recently did some climbing with my daughters. We brought some snacks and had a little picnic at the top. While it was a ton of fun, I realized just how out of shape I am.

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Curiosity Quest Review

Hello friends! In our home we are huge fans of programs that go behind the scene and show where a product comes from, how it is made, and how it gets to us. That is why I was so excited to review  DVD Combo Pack-Produce and DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea from Curiosity Quest. These DVD's made a great addition to our curriculum and our homeschool DVD library.

What is Curiosity Quest?

Well friends, Curiosity Quest is a PBS series that explores what viewers are curious about. The awesome host, Joel Greene, reads a question at the beginning of each episode that a viewer is curious about and has sent in. Each episode then takes you, the viewer, on location to find answers to the questions. My daughters loved that you can send in questions and their minds where spinning with ideas. I had a lot of fun listening to some of the questions they came up with. I have some very curious little girls.

What is included in the DVD Combo Pack-Produce and DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea? 

The DVD Combo Packs each have three episodes on one disk. Each episode is about 30 minutes long. I can tell you friends, that in those 30 minutes, you will learn so much great educational information. The age level suggested for these DVDs is ages 7-14. In my opinion these DVD's can be used for younger and older ages. I enjoyed both  DVD Combo Pack-Produce and DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea just as much as my daughters, who are 10, 9, and 8 years old. My oldest enjoyed taking notes on each episode. It really helped her retain the information she was learning.

DVD Combo Pack-Produce  -focuses on  Mushrooms, Cranberries, and Orange Packing. 

Mushrooms - This episode was fantastically fascinating to my girls and I. Before watching we weren't sure how mushrooms where grown. I can honestly say that we learned so much and got many chuckles out of this episode. Apparently some of the process stinks...One of the processes literally smells pretty bad, but in the end it's completely worth it. Great episode and I'm glad a viewer was curious about mushrooms. 

Cranberries - Have you or someone you know, thought cranberries grew in water? Don't worry you are not alone on this one. This episode brings you to the field and shows you exactly how they are grown, harvested, and much more. It's full of great information. 

Orange Packing - This episode shows the process from picking to packing oranges. My girls thought it was neat to learn that they use huge fans to keep the frost away. They also learned that the picker has to be very careful not to bruise the oranges. It was also fun to watch Joel Greene try his hand at picking. Great episode filled with a lot of educational information.

DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea - focuses on Sea Turtle Rescue, Penguins, and Salmon.

Sea Turtle Rescue -  In this episode Joel Greene visits the sea turtle hospital in Marathon, Florida. It is quite fascinating seeing how workers help turtles that are injured. They help to heal them and prepare them for going back to the sea. My daughters and I learned that there are 7 species of sea turtles. I would love to have the opportunity to visit the sea turtle hospital, as it seems it would make a fantastic field trip and learning experience.

Penguins - My daughters and I are big fans of penguins. They are just so cute! We really enjoyed this episode. It was a lot of fun watching Joel Greene try to feed them. My daughters thought it was interesting that they giving vitamins to the penguins.  

Salmon -  In this episode Joel explores a salmon hatchery. My daughters learned that salmon swim upstream and return back to the rivers that they were born in to breed and then pass on. They thought it was neat how they used their smell to return back. It was another great one, filled with great educational facts.


So as you can tell, both of these DVDs were a hit with my family. We thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning about each subject. I feel that Curiosity Quest is a great educational program and highly recommend the DVDs 

What is the cost of DVD Combo Pack-Produce and DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea?

You can purchase these for the great price of $24.95 a piece. Great price for great educational DVDs.


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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Supercharged Science Review

Hello Friends, I just had the opportunity to review an e-Science Premium Membership from Supercharged Science - My girls had a lot of fun with this science program and we are excited to share our review. I can tell you that as homeschool mom, who struggles with teaching science, I have really enjoyed being able to review this great online science program with my daughters.

Supercharged eScience Review

What is an e-Science Premium Membership from Supercharged Science?

The e-Science Premium Membership is a complete online science curriculum that can be used as a complete curriculum or can be used to supplement another curriculum that you may already be using.  This online science curriculum currently features over 800 science experiment videos and many pages of lesson plans! The list of unit topics is pretty impressive as well. With my membership I had access to Unit Zero through Unit 20. I also had full access to The Scientific Method, Math and Science Fair Projects units as well. Each topic is filled with valuable printable lesson plans, step-by-step videos, exercises, quizzes and wonderful teaching guides.

The unit subjects are:
  • New to e-Science
  • Overview to Science
  • The Scientific Method
  • Mechanics
  • Motion
  • Matter
  • Energy (2 units)
  • Sound 
  • Astrophysics
  • Chemistry 1
  • Light 
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Alternative Energy
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electronics
  • Chemistry 2
  • Life Science (2 units)
  • Biology (2 units)
  • Earth Science
  • Award-Winning Science Fair Projects
  • Mathemagic
  • Teaching Resources
  • Science e-Camp

As you can tell, that unit list is quite a large selection. There is so much to choose from and you can't really go wrong with whatever one you choose.

The instructor and creator of Supercharged Science, Aurora Lipper, is a fantastic teacher! She has personally recorded most of the video segments for the curriculum. Here's some quick background on Aurora that I learned.  Aurora is actually a real rocket scientist. She worked for NASA. She holds a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and also did PhD work at Stanford University. She has taught on the faculty of Cal Poly University and has taught K-12 science to well over 10,000 kids. Amazingly she is also a licensed pilot. On top of all that she is a stay-at-home mom to 4 children! Impressive, to say the least!

Aurora recently started doing live call-ins every Wednesday. I think this is so neat! To know that someone is there for you live, if and when, you need it. She is always available by email to answer questions and offer help as well.

A great thing about this science curriculum is that it can be used for K-12. You will need access to a computer and an internet connection to be able to properly use this awesome science curriculum.

Supercharged eScience Review

How did we use the e-Science Premium Membership and what did we like about it?

When first starting, I'll admit, I didn't really know where or how to get started. I quickly discovered that Aurora had posted in the top menu a Getting Started link. This link proved to be quite helpful. It was a page filled with information on getting started and a very helpful video is included. Before I knew it, we where on our way to learning science. 

We opted to start with Unit 1 - Mechanics. This unit focused on force, gravity, and friction. My daughters had never learned about these subjects in depth, so we were pretty excited about having the opportunity to learn about them and complete experiments that were not only fun but held our attention as well.

Supercharged eScience Review

Supercharged eScience ReviewSupercharged eScience ReviewI was easily able to print out the complete unit and to keep it all together I placed them in a folder used just for all things Supercharged Science. I really liked being able to print out the whole unit. 
Supercharged eScience ReviewI thought that each lesson in the mechanics unit was very in depth and covered all the important parts, while still making it fun and entertaining. My daughters enjoyed the videos, as Aurora did a very good job of explaining the process of each subject and activity.  

We also loved that each lesson included a materials list for the activities and projects that would need to be completed. This was extremely helpful for us. We were able to gather the materials and complete the projects with ease. We found most of the materials we needed in our home.

A favorite activity for us was the Flying Paperclip. My daughters had fun putting this project together and taking turns trying it out. It was even cooler for me, seeing how much fun they were having while learning science.

Supercharged eScience Review

Supercharged eScience Review

 Another favorite activity was an activity called Tracking Threads. This activity focused on teaching friction. My oldest had a blast with this one. Once again, I was happy to be able to print out all the pages we would need. She was able to record guesses and then record the data. She thought it was really fun to compare her guesses to the facts. She really retained the information learned.

Supercharged eScience Review
Supercharged eScience Review

We are just getting ready to start unit 2 - Motion. I'm pretty excited about this one, because it focuses on velocity, acceleration, and Newton's three laws of motion. I have reviewed some of the projects and I can already tell it's going to be a ton of fun.

So what does an e-Science Premium Membership cost?

The K-12 Level Plan cost is $57 a month. Friends, the content and amount of information on this site is well worth the $57 in my opinion. 

Also for a limited time, Aurora, is offering everyone a copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook For FREE

and if that's not cool enough, she is also offering full access to e-Science for just $1. Yes friends, you read that right! Just $1. I hope you take advantage of this amazing offer and I'd love for you to let me know what you think about it. 

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Rainbow Writing Prompt

At the end of the rainbow I found.....................

Monday, March 31, 2014

Media Talk 101 - Captivated DVD Review

Hello friends, my family and I recently had the opportunity to review the Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101. What a wonderful documentary! 

What is Media Talk 101?

Captivated Movie Review
Media Talk 101 is a nonprofit Christian ministry that provides biblical help for living in a society saturated in media.  They provide help through live presentations, wonderful resources, speaker training, and prayer!

What is the Captivated DVD?

The Captivated DVD is an award winning Christian documentary that explores the impact of Social Media.  Media Talk 101 founder, Philip Telfer, takes us on a nationwide tour of experts, families, and individuals, to demonstrate not only the problems of a media slave culture, but also how God’s Word addresses the unique challenges we all seem to face today.

How did we use and what did we think of the Captivated DVD?

Before even putting the documentary into the DVD player, I asked my family to turn over their phones and tablets. Yes, I got them. No, my girls were NOT happy. I immediately felt sad and realized that yes, we do indeed have a media problem right here at home. Yes, I already knew this before even watching the film. As I looked upon the pile, I started to feel a bit convicted. I mean for one, I'm the one who had purchased these devices. I even started to understand why Media Talk 101 would choose the word captivated. It's a strong word and very appropriate. It is a captivating feeling, to think about how much control we have giving over to media. I thought since my children know that they are not allowed to view some content, that we were on a good track. I learned years ago, that their attitudes were being molded from some of the media they were viewing. I put a stop to those shows, games, ect. Was that enough? I can honestly say, No. We are surrounded by not just TV's, but computers, tablets, phones, gaming systems, etc. It is overwhelming, the amount of media that we have allowed into our home. It's not just in our homes either, it's everywhere you go.  It's also not just the amount of media that is concerning, it's the content of most this media. 

I presented my children with this question: 

Do you think our family could go a few days without any media? 

I could hear the crickets chirping..well not really, but they were so quiet. Why? I'm assuming they were wondering what shows they would miss or maybe how they would possibly be able to beat the next level on their favorite game. I'm positive they weren't thinking about how much fun they could have playing outside or doing something productive.

During the course of the documentary, I found myself pausing to discuss what we were learning. There were a ton of facts presented throughout the documentary that really got us thinking and talking. For example, below are just a few facts we learned.
  • The screen time for the average American child is over 53 hours per week. 
  • By the time the average child is 18 they will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders on TV.
  • Some people find media a bigger addiction than drugs. 
I know my girls were surprised to learn these facts along with many other facts. As we had actually never discussed these things in depth before. I felt that the Captivated DVD presented an opportunity to discuss the dangers of media, but also discuss the ways to address and help the issue. It allowed my girls to better understand that we need to be strong in the Lord and quite being so busy with media. We need to be taking the media and replacing it with something positive. Guarding our heart and breaking free from a media centered culture.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.

Colossians 2:8

I know that, looking forward, we plan to be much more media wise.

What does the Captivated DVD cost?

At this time you can purchase the Captivated DVD for $16.95. 
In my opinion, this is a wonderful price for this quality documentary.

Who is the Captivated DVD for?

This movie is intended for adults, but has been approved for all ages. I personally loved being able to view it with my family. It presented a wonderful opportunity to discuss the in depth issues of media.


Well friends, it's safe to say, that I feel our family has been blessed by the Captivated DVD. It really gave us a lot to think about. I highly recommend it to everyone. 

You can find Media Talk 101 on Facebook and Twitter. 

Twitter: @CaptivatedMovie

Captivated Movie Review

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great Activities for Easter

Easter is almost here and today I'm sharing some wonderful Christ-centered Easter resources I have found around the web.

While researching activities I came across a wonderful blog post called We've Been EGGED!   I thought "Operation: You've been Egged!" Was such a clever idea and apparently so did Fab N' Free because they have created an awesome printable for it. 

~Easter Activities~


I recently had the opportunity to review Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs. Our family loved them and recommend them. You can read my review HERE

~Easter Books~

The Week That Led to Easter

The Very First Easter

A Christ-Centered Easter: Day-By-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week

Looking for more Easter resources?

Check out a collection of ideas from the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Easter Resources

What are some of the ways you celebrate Easter?
 We would love for you to share your comments below.

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