Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How To Have A Horrible Homeschool Experience

 Friends, read these words the way they are written and then read them the opposite way. A little homeschool perspective. 

1) Buy into the lie that you can't do it. Go ahead and tell yourself that there is no way you could ever homeschool your own children. I mean, you probably don't even have the right training and certificates to be teaching children.

2) Only push academics. Work, work and more work. You know you can't have any workbooks uncompleted. 

3) Don't take any time for fun. Who needs to have fun anyway.

4) Worry about what other people think. We all know that their opinion is far superior than what is right for your family.

5) Never take any breaks. You can not fall behind. 

6) Don't listen to what your children want to learn. They can't possibly know what they are interested in.

7) Never offer praise. Your child already knows he is doing a good job, right?

8) Compare yourself to other homeschooling families. You know that they are doing everything perfect. 

9) Try to do it all. "Jane" can do it can too.

10) Never smile and laugh with your kids. You can't let them know you enjoy being with them.

I assure you friends, follow these 10 easy steps and you will succeed in having a horrible homeschool experience. 

Disclaimer: I don't know who Jane is and I don't want you to have a bad experience. 


  1. How true- and no matter how ridiculous the actions on this list sound, we fall prey to these stumblingblocks all the time!

    1. I agree. Thanks for your comment :)

  2. Jennifer----what an awesome post! Thanks for the smiles!! :)


Thank you for your comment! :)