Friday, August 30, 2013

Store Up Your Treasures!

~Hello Friends~
 I wanted to share an awesome experience I had the opportunity to witness recently. Sometimes we hear, see and experience things when we least expect it. Some might think it's small, while others might think it means everything. 

Last September,  I had a dentist appointment at a college dentistry. I arrived early and waited patiently until my name was called to go into the back. As I walked into the back I noticed some student dentists were preparing their spaces while others had gathered around an older gentleman. I figured he was a teacher, by the way the students were gathered around and attentively listening to him. I quietly took my seat and gazed from a distance. This teacher appeared to be mid sixties in age, wore a rugged look, but seemed well respected by the students and fellow colleagues.  As I sat there waiting for my student to come over to me, I strained my ears towards the conversation across the room. What I heard next was beautiful friends. A moment so awesome indeed! I heard a young male student ask "Doctor, What can I do to have a successful dentistry?" What the teacher said next was so amazing. He told the student the first and most important thing was to serve God. Secondly, serve people not his own interests and he would become blessed beyond words. He then spoke more forwardly to everyone that was in the room. He said he would love anyone and he meant anyone who wanted to, to meet with him at the school first thing Saturday morning. He wanted to bring them to estate sales, to show them that everything worked for in a material manner was only temporary. He said he knew that everyone probably already knew this, but that there was something special about seeing it, with the understanding of it on the mind. He told the students that their education was a mere help along a path to serve and help others.

 I tried to hold back tears, but I felt so touched. So thankful towards a man I didn't even know. The courage to stand up and speak truth to these students and anyone willing to listen. How true his words were and how thankful I was to witness his sweetness to these blessed students.

I thought about how I wasn't working outside the home to really serve others. I remember feeling a little shame, like I could be doing better. I often wonder how many others feel the same. As mothers and wives we must remember that daily we work, clean, love, support, listen to, teach, and endlessly give ourselves to the members of our family. As we lovingly give ourselves to our family, and serve them with hearts full of love, our acts will also be counted as service to God. I want to have a servant's heart.

I remember when I was a child, I heard someone speak of having a servant's heart. I remember being completely puzzled by the statement. A servant's heart!? Who would want to be a servant? I believe most individuals think of the word servant with a negative attitude. They believe a servant is a horrible job to have. However, to be effective in God’s service we must be willingly to take the role of a servant. It has been said that the beauty of a servant is defined not merely by their thoughts but by their actions. I believe that without possessing a servant’s heart, we may be tempted to misuse our abilities and God-given gifts for personal gain. 

It is important to me that I teach my daughters the importance of serving God and others. I realize that the most important way I can teach them is to demonstrate it as a way of life.  It is good to teach verbally, but kids learn so much from us by observing our own behaviors. I am a work in progress, always! I fail more than I succeed. I just pray that in the middle of my shortcomings, they see my true intentions.

  I have found some resources that I would love share. 

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  1. Wow this is so encouraging, I think the World so often hears the word "servant" and they think "less than". But Jesus always tells us to be servants. It's hard to do though when the World gets in the way. I too struggle with serving, I always think I should be doing more....

    1. Oh yes! agree. Thank you for stopping by :)


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