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homeschool curriculum reviews

homeschool curriculum reviews

The Critical Thinking Co. - Surfing the Net: Science - Review

Institute for Excellence in Writing - Phonetic Zoo Spelling Level A - Review

Heirloom Audio Productions - With Lee in Virginia - ReviewThe Conversation, by Leigh A. Bortins from Classical Conversations

Heirloom Audio Productions - With Lee in Virginia - Review

Classical Conversations - The Conversation - Review

Home School in the Woods ~ Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt ~ ReviewUnLock Math - UnLock Pre-Algebra - Review

Home School in the Woods ~ Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt ~ Review

SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers ~ Review

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) ~ Review

Memoria Press ~ Famous Men of Rome ~ REVIEW

Homeschool Legacy ~ Horsing Around ~ Review

FishFlix.com ~ Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story ~ Review

JazzEdge ~ Easy Piano Basics ~ Review

A+ Interactive Math ~ Review

Real Life Press ~ Lapbooking Made Simple ~ Review

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy ~ Review

Star Toaster ~ Orphs of the Woodlands ~ REVIEW
ARTistic Pursuits ~ Elementary 4-5, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition ~ REVIEW
Spelling You See: Ancient Achievements ~ Review

Visual Learning Systems ~ Review
Koru Naturals - Review
IndoctriNation DVD - Review

Purposeful Design ~ Review

Out of the Box Games ~ Snake Oil ~ Review

IXL ~ Review

If He Had Not Come ~ Christmas Book ~ Review

Jim Hodges Productions - In the Heart of the Rockies - Review

Clued in Kids - Treasure Hunt - Review

New Liberty Videos ~ Anthem for a Nation DVD ~ Review

Apologia Educational Ministries - iWitness Series ReviewPreschoolers and Peace ~ Review

Institute for Excellence in Writing - Fix It! Grammar - Review

Wizzy Gizmo ~ Review

The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner ~ Review

Happy Kids Songs ~ Review

UberSmart Math Facts ~ Review

3P Learning ~ Mathletics ~ Review

Hewitt Homeschooling ~ State History Notebook Review

Review ~ Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms

Moving Beyond The Page ~ Tornado and Amazing Weather ~ Review

Apologia Educational Ministries ~ What on Earth Can I Do? Review

Micro Business for Teens ~ Review

ARTistic Pursuits Review

The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions Review

CTC Math Review

Curiosity Quest Review

Kinderbach Review

Supercharged Science Review

Media Talk 101 - Captivated DVD Review

Kinderbach Review

Science4Us ReviewScienceandMath.com ReviewEgglo Review

Science4Us.com Review

ScienceandMath.com Review

Egglo Entertainment Review

Spelling You See Review

See the Light “Art Class” Vol. 1 DVD Review and Giveaway

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Review

 photo ST-Affiliate-300x300_zpsb38aa8ae.png

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review

Vocabulary and Spelling City Review

Homeschool Programming, Inc - KidCoder Series

Wordsmith Apprentice Review

gMovies Review and Giveaway
New Purex PowerShot Detergent & Giveaway

Dial® Kids Foaming Hand Wash & Dial® Baby Body + Hair Wash REVIEW and GIVEAWAY
Purex® Crystals ScentSplash Review & Giveaway
Dial® Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Soap Review and Giveaway

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  1. My name is Brittani Blachford and I recently published a curriculum called The Social Curriculum. Would you be willing to write a review? Further information can be found at www.facebook.com/thesocialcurriculum. Please message me on the Facebook page if this is a possibility. Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for your comment! :)