Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Make A Time Capsule

Hi friends, we are excited to share our time capsule ideas and printables with you. My daughters are very excited about creating a time capsule and I bet your family would enjoy it as well. 

Below you will find a label, checklist, and six fun time capsule pages to fill out. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

1) Find a Jar or box to house your contents. We chose to use a pickle jar. 
2) Fill it with fun things - You can find our idea checklist below
3) Hide or bury your capsule
4) Try to forget about it
5) Rediscover it in the future

Click here to Download and Print our FREE Time Capsule Jar Label

In the file I have included a large label and a smaller label. We printed our label out on sticker paper so that it would stick to the jar better. 

Not sure what to put in your time capsule? 
Check out our printable checklist below

Click here to Download and Print our FREE Time Capsule Checklist

Below you will find some printables I have created to add to our time capsule. They include an All About me, current event, family memories, a letter to future self, family recipe, and current prices page. You can download these pages below. 

Click here to download our FREE Time Capsule Printables 

Like our FREE printables? Click Here to view more.

We hope you have fun creating your time capsule. 
Have you ever made one before? We would love to read your comments below. 

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  1. This is such a great idea. Just a few months ago, my mom presented me with my 3rd grade time capsule, and it was really neat to look through things from 25 years ago. I definitely want to do one with my boys, and this post has reminded me all about that. Thanks for the printables, too. I'm downloading them now :).

    1. So glad you saw this post and what a neat story. We had a ton of fun making ours.

  2. Anonymous4.1.16

    Thank you!!


Thank you for your comment! :)