Friday, May 23, 2008

New Book!

Friday we will be reading the book"No, David" written by David Shannon.

Critical Thinking Questions for the girls:

What are some things you have done that your mom told you NO when you did them?

Why do you think she told you NO and not to do those things?

We Will Also be Discussing Clouds.

What’s fluffy and white and floats up high,
Like a pile of cotton in the sky?
And when the wind blows hard and strong,
What very gently floats along?

What brings the rain, what brings the snow,
What showers down on us below?
When you look up high in the sky,
What is that thing you see float by?

Take some white heavy paper and cut out cloud shapes (approximately 6” x 6”) for your children. Give them the cloud shapes along with some glue and some white cotton balls. Have them glue cotton balls all over their cloud shape. Then help then tape a large craft stick behind the cloud shape for a handle. Have your children use their cloud puppets when they sing cloud songs or recite cloud rhymes.

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