Tuesday, May 27, 2008

True Life!

All parents have one time or another had to handle situations that they wish never happened. That is just part of being a parent. Well that brings me to today.

We had an appointment today for all of the girls. Things started out pretty smoothly, until all at once, they ALL started throwing fits. I tried my best to use my deep voice to address them properly that their actions weren't appropriate. Nope didn't work, only got worse. My stress was building and they could sense it. Fists started flying at me, legs kicking, screaming so loud the whole office could hear it. How I thought to myself how did it come to this, Why are my children so mad. What can I do? I just wanted to melt away. After the appointment, I was left feeling as though I hadn't handle the situation correctly, or could I have prevented it.

After getting home, it was if they were never mad, they were happy. Happy to be home.

After Evaluating the situation and talking with them I realized they were scared of the appointment. It was where they usually go to get shots. My youngest was the only one getting a shot, but they all where ready to go the second we walked in. Although their actions still aren't justified fully, because no parent should have to deal with the disrespect in the manner given; I see now that I should have communicated better about what was going on. Not got so stressed and I need to talk to them more than I have about manners, respect, and disrespectful behaviors. :) I truly LOVE being a mom, even when I want to pull my hair out! ;)


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