Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A storm blew in...

Its been a crazy few days. Storms blew in and left our town with no electric and a huge mess to clean up. Grain Elevators demolished, tress uprooted, and even cars and houses smashed. Thats another reason I haven't blogged, no connection. Well the electric is back now, and I'm praying it will stay. You see we have more storms moving in and hopefully they will not be severe.

Oh a better note, the rains left huge puddles of water everywhere, and we had a
mini pond in our backyard. So I threw bathing suits on the girls and let them jump on in.

During clean up of the limbs that had fell we found a cute little caterpillar. So we made a home for it. Hopefully we can see it make a cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Have a great Day!

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