Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a colorful Day!

We are gearing up for a great school year at home.
Today the girls made books titled "About Me". On the inside we included facts about them and they drew a picture of themselves. While I was helping Gracie with writing her name, Raylee managed to get a hold of the glitter. Needless to say we had glitter everywhere. Oh what a colorful day!
I guess thats better than the egg incident we had a few weeks ago. Apparently Raylee wanted some eggs. She removed a small pan from the cabinet and eggs from the fridge. Sat down in the middle of the floor and proceeded to attempt to fix eggs. When I walked around the corner all I saw was egg yolk everywhere and I do mean everywhere you could walk! She was covered from head to toe! I do wish I had got a picture, but I was to busy running to the shower with her. LoL :) I would love to hear stories from other mothers. I'm sure you have a few! :) Have a great Day! *Blessings

On another note. Breanna has learned to write her name. We are very trilled and she to is excited about this.

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