Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gone Fishing

Well we headed up to the river this afternoon for some family fishing. Breanna has been wanting to go fishing with her daddy. The other girls stayed back home with Aunt Gabby. Everything was smooth sailing, well until we got stuck! YES, STUCK.... it seems the road washed away and so we tried to back up and to the frame we sunk. Good thing Uncle Jared was right behind us. After a tug and a pull we were finally on the way to the fishing hole. Ohhh Good Times. Seemly everyone was in good spirits and we even caught some fish. Also I captured some great pictures of Breanna with her daddy. Next time we will be spending some one on one time with Gracie, and boy is she excited. Of course Raylee will be after that. I think it is very important to spend one on one time with them. Everyone always seems to be fighting for our attention and this is a great way to get everyone a turn to themselves. ;)

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