Thursday, May 14, 2009

Much needed update

I found the neatest Phonics interactive activity for the girls. Its free. All you have to do is sign up. Its Literactive I urge you to check it out. After you sign up just click on the green Road to Reading. Its very easy for your children to navigate through.

Kindergarten is almost over.

Well not really. We probably aren't going to take much of a summer break. There are some things that we are going to continue working on and learning about. We are working on a summer activity list of fun things we want to get done.

1. Plant a garden
2. Identify trees in our neighborhood

3. plan a trip, using maps and other resources

4. visit museums

5. Hold a scavenger hunt

6. t-ball

7. take music lessons

This is to help me stay on track
Intro. into Weather Study
- its raining, its pouring rhyme
- what's the weather like? daily review

- Letter R review

Our Family Tree

- Make a family tree

- Roles in the family

- Obeying God's Rules
Edible Math
- Counting using food

- Easy addition & Subtraction

Our Five Senses
- Seeing - on the lookout for ?

- Hearing - Listening for sounds

- Smelling - Whats that smell?

- Tasting - The Taste Test

- Touching - Exploring w/ our hands

Roles in the Community
- Post office

- Grocery Store

- Police department
- Church
- Home

Writing Activities
- Letter review
- Sight Words

- phonics

I took a really neat picture the other day. I'm thinking about entering it into the Local Fair.



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