Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Office Resources

I know, I know
It's been to long since I have posted.
I've used Facebook as an outlet and neglected my Blog. :(

I recently created these awesome mini offices with my daughters
and just had to share some links. *ENJOY*



Mrs.Meachan's Classroom Snapshots

Homeschool Creations

* Will Add Pictures soon!


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  1. Ma. Eugenia23.10.10

    Hi Jennifer,i´m not good with my english but, i can make a effort! i have a question for you, your girls are in homeschool, i think that it´s important te interaction with the others kids, when they have time for this interaction, in this moment i have another question, why you take this option for homeschool? are you a teacher or you are searching resources for help you with the homeschool?


Thank you for your comment! :)