Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decorating for December!

We decided to limit our book studies today to just phonics and spelling. We took the rest of the day to make decorations, read stories, and sip on hot cocoa. What a wonderful day! My favorite project of the day thus far has been making our gingerbread men doll chain. It looks so neat attached to our fireplace mantel.

Fold and Cut Gingerbread Man Chains

We put up the Christmas tree, we made snowmen, and the girls even thought that the fish tank needed some decorations. So we decorated the fish tank with a tree, presents, and a snowman.  We colored reindeer coloring pages and also sang songs. Most of all, we enjoyed each others company and remembered how blessed we are.

The real reason of Christmas is a vital part of our studies. But like most others, we to enjoy the snowman, candy canes, Christmas tree, ect. What a wonderful holiday!

Winter Activities for Children

December Activity Calendar

Winter Themed Math Pages

Blessings to all! 




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