Monday, December 13, 2010

Homemade Crystals

We started today off with a wonderful start. Great moods, great breakfast, and a great experiment. 

We read a wonderful book about rocks and crystals. We read about how crystals are formed. I wanted the girls to be able to do a experiment that would show them crystals being formed. 
here is a link to show how to set up the experiment:
The easiest way to make crystals is to fill up a tall cup of warm water with lots of table salt dissolved in it. Take a piece of thick string or yarn, tie it in the middle of a pencil or stick. Suspend the string into a cup of water by placing the pencil/stick across the cup. As the water evaporates every day you'll see crystals forming on the string. For prettier results add a drop of food coloring to the water. In about a week you should have a beautiful growth on your string
We added red food coloring, so hopefully in a few days we will have red crystals that have formed on our string.

Update: Caterpillar is still in it's cocoon. Checking it everyday and it seems to still wiggle around, not sure what is taking so long for it to come out, but we are still waiting. 

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