Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping Busy, as Simple as We Can!

Blessings of a Simple Life!

Seems, the new year brings with it, not only, a lot of  great goals and aspirations, but also a never ending list of things I feel we must get done. For instance, I felt that I must go around and declutter and organize room after room. What a mess it has been, but a huge relief when all was done. I feel like I'm nesting, preparing for something unbeknown to me.  

Today we managed to get a couple studies completed. One being a Martin Luther King, Jr study.  I found some awesome teaching materials to help with the study a couple months back. They sure came in handy today. I didn't have to search for hours on end, looking for the perfect materials. It's nice to know they were found quickly and organized into a specific spot. It helps!

We are in the process of trying to simplify our life. With much clutter cleared away, I feel like we are in the right path. I have project after project on a list, with most yet to be checked off. Maybe by the time 2011 is over, I can look at the list with relief.  :) 

Sometimes it doesn't seem so simple to try to simplify things. I know that the payback will come in the end. 

Blessings to All!


Keeping busy the simplest way I can.  


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