Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Classroom fun!

She is loving in our newly organized school room

Okay, so a couple months ago I so-called organized our school room. Well I organized a bunch of junk is what I did! Keeping things, thinking how I could not rid myself of them, in fear of "maybe" needing them. Yesterday, I stepped in and finished the job! I rid the school room and for that, I'm feeling relief! How things can weigh a person down! They saying of Less is More, is so true in my case.  I hauled out bags of trash and my suv is filled with things to donate. I was keeping empty boxes in hope of turning them into art projects. I can get empty boxes anytime, so why was I keeping them! I moved things into nice little spots. I love it! I'm truly happy with it the room now. 

Last year we pulled up carpet to find hard wood floors. We haven't got a chance to sand them down and make them beautiful again. I can't wait until we are able to tackle that. Also can't wait to pick out paint and make this room a fun and bright color. For now I will find peace in what I have. I find it a blessing to even have this space for a school room. 

Many Blessings!

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