Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Great Salt Plains

What an awesome labor day! Today my husband and I took the girls to the salt plains. We had so much fun digging for crystals. What a fun way to learn, explore and play. I wish we had prepared a little better. Like bringing water to rinse our crystals and wash our hands. A towel would have been nice. My oldest daughter, even suggested a change of clothing, lol. We sure needed it. I guess when your digging in mud, your bound to get dirty. We drove to a near by town and cleaned the best we could. What a great day spent and all it cost us was a lil bit of gas. Can't beat that. :)  Also, the view of the salt plains is so beautiful. 

The Great Salt Plains in northwestern Oklahoma is the only place in the world
to find unique hourglass-shaped selenite crystals. These crystals attract rock enthusiasts from around the world.  The Area was c
losed for several years to clean the area of World War II training artifacts. The area is once again open for public digging from April 1-October 15. 

These hourglass selenite crystals have also been designated as Oklahoma’s State Crystal

Here are some great resources about the The Great Salt Plains. (Just click links below)

The Great Salt Plains

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