Friday, August 03, 2012

A nice little break

Well it's been a wonderful summer thus far. Lot's of water & sun. Maybe at times too much sun. We are getting back into our routine and ready to start in our school books.

Blogging has been put to a halt, if you didn't notice. The break was nice, but I did truly miss sharing our progress and resources. Blogging will now become more regular, so I hope.

We have started attending a coop! Yes! Yes! Yes! ummm...  okay, so maybe I'm too overly happy about this. Nah! It truly is something I have prayed about, and I'm so happy to finally have a group of wonderful adult and kids meeting weekly.  I'm happy to not feel so alone in this small community. I truly enjoy homeschooling and it works for my family. It might not be for everyone. I have tried to never step on anyone's toes or make then feel different for choosing something different from my family. I however, have had people say some pretty hurtful things. Apparently to some I'm strange. Strange I am then! ;) One comment I got this evening. Yes this evening! lol  "I'm so happy that school is starting, I can't wait to send my kids to school!". "Jennifer how do you feel about school starting?" I reply "I'm ready, I enjoy it." So the response I got really upset me for a split-second. The response was "Well I'm just so excited MY kids get to play with other kids everyday." and to that I said "Well, My kids play with other kids, almost everyday as well."  The end.    The conversation left me feeling like screaming "Are you serious!? What do you think, we homeschoolers do all day? Lock our children up from the outside world?" Anyhow, that feeling left as soon, as I remembered, that people will never understand unless they live it.

I will end with! Make sure people see your kids playing with other children, lol!!  I'm so joking! Seriously made me laugh though.  May everyone have a great Weekend.

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