Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forensic Science Unit Fun

Forensic Science is fun! Yes, very very fun. While putting this unit together, I couldn't stop thinking about how fun it would be to pursue a career in forensic science. Ah, a girl can dream. Although, I have to admit, my job as a homeschool mom is pretty darn fabulous. Yes, I mean that.   

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The board is filled with wonderful ideas for putting together a great forensic science unit. The most important thing for me, was to make learning this unit fun and informative. Mission accomplished.  I even put together a little crime lab. Now that was fun!  We used an Eye Clops bionic eye camera. The camera hooks up to the tv and magnifies objects 200x on the screen. The girls really enjoyed that part. There is a link below to purchase your own Eye Clops. I promise you, your children will love it.  

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