Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Australia - Wk 5 - Day 3 - Can I Get A Do Over?

Sometimes I just feel like we need a do over. Okay, let me explain. I would only redo the time between 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Why? Well friends, today something happened that I don't wish upon anyone. I had my first blow out in a vehicle. My front right tire popped. It was a very scary experience. Luckily I had a great team with me, my mother for one. She took charge, while I gained my composure and immediately started working on getting it changed. Yay mom! Anyhow after I gathered myself I worked on those pesky tight lug nuts and before I knew it, my hubby showed up and all that was left was to put the spare on. All in all I was glad that it was over and that we could get back on the road. We did a little carschooling on our way home this evening. We talked about things we had read about Australia. I have to admit, I feel like we didn't get a lot accomplished in the means of learning about Australia. On the same token though, I do feel like we all did learn a lot today from our trip with grandma (my mom) . Here are some things we learned and/or observed today.

1) When a tire blows out, have no fear if grandma (my mom) is there. :)

2) Helping people sure makes a person feel good. My children learned more about the gift of helping others today.

3) Some people are very rude to people who work in customer service, and I really think people should be a bit more patient with people.  Yelling at the staff in a food restaurant is just really inappropriate just because your order is wrong.

4) Car salesmen are slooowwwww (I know, I know #3, but really I was patient and nice)

5) Food prices seem to go up every time I go to the grocery store. :(

6) Always check the gas cap and make sure it is closed before you drive away...oops :/

7) It's okay if a school day doesn't quite add up to my expectations. There is always time for a school evening...  ;)

8) A $1.97 badge maker, found at a thrift store, is a really fun toy for three little girls. They will make badges until you asked them to put it away.

9) When a thrift store has all shorts marked down to 20 cents, my mother will buy every pair in her grandchildren's sizes. :) What a blessing!

10) Everyone will help carry in groceries, but nobody wants to help put them away. Ha! It's probably because I'm like "Hey, that doesn't go there" :)

11) Spending time with my mom is nice and I really really enjoy it.

To say the least, it was quite an interesting day.

I did manage to find some pretty neat Australia links to share with you

This site has great links and resources for the unit

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