Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dear Computer, we need to talk.......

You see, I really, really like you, but you're kinda getting on my nerves. I feel like a clingy girlfriend when I'm around you. You take up so much of my attention, I just can't seem to get much else accomplished. I know you offer so many learning experiences, but unfortunately I'm losing out on so many more. Don't be mad! I'm not dumping you forever. I just think we need a break, a little time away from each other. Time to pay attention to things you so often keep me away from. I know, it just doesn't seem right, to put all the blame on you. I'll admit my part, but you should have came with a warning. WARNING - I can impose on daily activities. Only recommended in small doses.  I know, it's not like you make me stay, but you just have a way of luring me in. That's it though! I have way more important things to focus on.

Dear friends, I wish i could say I wrote this post to be humorous. I did, but I also wrote it with some honesty. It's amazing the time I lose staring at the digital avalanche of e-mail, the websites, and just about anything else that may spike my interests. It can truly be a little overwhelming.   I truly love the fact that information is only a couple clicks away, and that it aids me in educating my children. I do not however like the moments I feel are lost because of my repetitive overuse.  I guess the name of the game is finding a healthy balance and one I plan to find.

Can you relate?

Also, this does not mean that I will stop sharing our homeschooling journey, or that I don't enjoy blogging. I do a great deal and I will continue sharing. This does however mean I will be limiting mindless, time wasting, web surfing.

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