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Native American Unit - Day 3 - Indians of the Great Plains

Native American Unit - Day 3 - Indians of the Great Plains

Today we learned about the different tribes with special attention giving to the Plains Indians for the time being. We also learned about the many buffalo uses and the ways the buffalo were hunted. We had a lot of fun completing the activities and doing crafts.

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Where the Native Americans Lived - I love this site and it has a great visual on the cultural groups based upon geography

Native Americans of the Great Plains

Click Here to learn more about Native Americans of the Great Plains
* We loved this site and I read out loud the stories of all the different topics. 

Tracking the Buffalo
          Worksheet for Activity - Click Here

Below is the book this page is from

Native Americans used every part of the buffalo they hunted.
Click here - for a reading activity about Buffalo Hunters

Native American Buffalo Uses
Buffalo Uses 

Today the girls made pictographs on paper sacks (Buffalo hides). They used a symbols and meanings paper that I had printed out for them, to write on the sacks.

The finished hides

Make history when you make an arrow the way Native Americans did long ago. - Click Here

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