Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Review

Did you know that I think The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is wonderful? I'll explain why.

I was recently giving the opportunity to review The Old Schoolhouse (November/December Issue). Happy dance!  I found myself not being to stop reading because it was filled with so much great information. I love the fact that you can read a digital copy online and through an App for free. Yes, that's right friends, for free! It just doesn't seem to get any better than that. I personally read the magazine using the online format, but I do love the fact that they offer an App. What a wonderful way to read wherever you might be. Friends, another great feature of reading the digital copy is being able to search and share with a click of a button. This is a feature that I can imagine is used often. Why? Because it's great! So many times i have held a hard copy of a magazine panning through it saying "Okay great article where did you go?" I have also many times wanted to be able to easily share with my family and friends and with this option i can.

   As you can probably already tell, I absolutely love The Old Schoolhouse magazine. It is full of wonderfully written articles with great family educating information and encouragement. I personally can use all the encouragement I can get. My journey through homeschooling is so much easier when I can read articles that motivate, educate, and entertain.

    The (November/December Issue) had many great articles that spoke to my heart. One in particular was an article called "Having a Holiday Heart: Seven Reasons to Celebrate" written by Deborah Wuehler. I related to Deborah's feelings in the article. I loved how she brought to my attention all the important points of celebrating the holidays and she did so in such a thoughtful and loving way. I highly recommend reading this article if you find yourself struggling with the thought of another round of holidays right around the corner. The article was uplifting, encouraging and just what I needed to read. I love when I read articles that I didn't know I needed. The ones that just speak straight to you and you feel informed or at peace after reading them. I find this with The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

   Another article that really caught my attention in this issue was an article titled "Don't Give Up on Your Child Learning To Read: There Is Another Way" written by Matthew Glavach, Ph.D. The article is well written and provides wonderful strategies to help your child read. I personally know the pain a struggling reader feels and I felt like the strategies given were very informative and on point. Are you teaching a child to read? If so, this article is a must read in my opinion.

   Encouragement, inspiration, and support are truly available anytime and anywhere. Is this something you are interested in?

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