Tuesday, December 03, 2013

National Cookie Day & FREE Recipe Binder Printables

 Did you know that December 4 is National Cookie Day?

What a great day to make cookies. I mean everyday is a great day to make cookies, but now I have a reason to actually make them and devour eat them if I so please. :) I'm posting this a day early, so those of us that have to plan ahead and purchase, can do so. I sure don't have the things at home to make a day out of baking, so I will be making a store run later on. We are going to research our favorite cookie recipes. I'm pretty sure I found the mother load of cookie recipes. You can Click Here to see the huge list.

I also learned something pretty neat today. Did you know that the English word "cookie" is derived from the Dutch word "koekje," which means little cake? Pretty Cool!

We are also going to be working on our recipe binder. Adding to it and organizing it a bit. I love having a recipe binder and I'll tell you why. The other day I was running late on making it home and my husband calls and says "Honey, I'm going to make supper." I'm thinking that is pretty wonderful! He then says he would make a certain meal, if he knew how. Yep, that's when I respond "Oh, it's in the recipe binder." :) Saved by the binder.

Click Here to Download Our FREE Cookie Recipe Printable.
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