Friday, December 20, 2013

Random 5 on Friday - December 20th

Hello Friends, Today I'm sharing 5 random things.

1) My girls recently spent a day with my mother while my hubby and I had some much needed together time. We managed to get a bunch of Christmas shopping done. 

2) Today is my mom's birthday. The girls and I took a picture this afternoon and sent it to her. 

3) Two years ago, we welcomed a cute little lab puppy into our family. Well, this cute little puppy soon became a BIG dog. I do love him so much, but this dog is a big pain sometimes. The other day I made a batch of deer jerky and I placed it way back on the cabinet. Later on in the day, I ran some errands. I returned to the whole batch gone. I'm pretty sure he probably devoured it the minute I left. Ha! I was pretty sad over that ordeal. 

4) Speaking of being sad. It happened friends. My beloved Kindle Fire fell and smashed so hard onto our tile floor. It cracked shattered the screen.  I remembered that I purchased a protection package for it. After about 5 phone calls, I learned that the protection plan does not cover accidents or water damage. It only covers factory defects. :(  Luckily, I was able to find a replacement screen on Amazon for a decent price. 

5) The whole month of December is going to be unit study free. I'm actually looking forward to starting our next unit in January. We will be doing a two week unit study on pioneers. We actually did a small pioneer unit last year. We visited and spent a day at a one room schoolhouse. It was a blast.

Here is a picture from last year's pioneer unit.

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