Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - Jan 24

Hello Friends, Here is my Random 5 on Friday. 

1) I finally bought myself a stationary bike. I love it! It has an 8 week weight loss program on it. I've been able to follow it so far. I also started tracking my calories using the Loseit app. So far so good. Hoping to get quite a few pounds off by this summer. 

2) My girls and I have a plan to go through their toys and donate a bunch of them today. Here's hoping for progress. Simplicity. :) 

3) We have actually had a few nice weather days. The girls took advantage of those days and enjoyed some bike time. 

4) We start a mail unit study with empathizes on the Pony Express next week. I have been getting everything ready and I'm excited to start. 

5) I really enjoy graphic design and haven't had a chance to do anything new in a while. I have been wanting to do a new project. Here is a picture I did a while back. I adore it. 

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