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3P Learning ~ Mathletics ~ Review

Hello Friends, I recently had the opportunity to review Mathletics from 3P Learning. I had never heard of Mathletics before this review and was eager to give it a try. I received a one-year family membership for up to two students. Math is very important and it is something I want my children to enjoy. They don't always and that is why I was pretty excited about reviewing this awesome program with two of my daughters. They are 11 and 9 and they both really enjoyed using it. 

What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is a multi-award winning learning resource that provides a safe, secure and engaging online world of learning for K-12 students. It provides more than 1200 individual adaptive activities, a live math section, weekly reports, diagnostic testing, and great printable workbooks. Mathletics is to be used as a supplemental math program. It is recommended that students work in three 20 minute sessions per week. 

When my daughters first signed up, they were able to create an avatar. I know they really thought that was fun. They were able to customize it to look the way they wanted by choosing hairstyles, hats, glasses and backgrounds in a section called Face Maker. During the course of the program they have the chance to earn credits, which can be redeemed for cute accessories for their avatar. Credits are gained by achieving things such as a weekly participation certificate or setting a new high score. I know this area alone inspired them to want to do well. I really love when programs have incentives that make
learning fun and Mathletics certainly does.


After my daughters log in they are brought to a student console. In this area they are able to access all the wonderful sections Mathletics has to offer.

There is a bunch of wonderful areas available in Mathletics that I would like to talk about.

Curriculum Activities

For each K-12 level a whole curriculum with a variety of topics is available. Each section starts with a pre-test called Are you Ready? I personally liked the fact that they could take the pre-test. It allowed me to see if they were indeed ready to continue or choose to do easier or more difficult work. 

Each topic includes engaging activities and ends with a test. I liked that my daughters could even choose the order in which they did their work. While working on the different activities, my daughters had access to instant, animated help and a dictionary. I felt that they were able, for the most part, to work on the activities independently. I did have to offer help a few times but not much. Another wonderful aspect of the program was that if my daughters had trouble reading a word or sentence, they could click on it to be read to them. This was incredibly helpful.

Success is rewarded with points and gold bars for every activity that is done perfectly. The student console home screen contains a pie graph that displays how many of the available gold bars my daughters had earned. Once a 1000 points were earned, they were able to earn a certificate. My daughters were pleased with this and proudly displayed their certificates on the side of our refrigerator. This also was a wonderful incentive that encouraged them to do well.

There is also a Hall of Fame that is displayed on the Mathletics homepage. These are live and they are updated every few minutes.  The Hall of Fame shows the top 100 students in the world. This daily leaderboard counts only points earned by students during a 24 hour period. If a student has enough points they will appear on the Hall of Fame automatically. Students can check their daily points total in the left area of their student console. 

Live Mathletics 

Another great area of Mathletics was a section called Live Mathletics. In this area my daughters were able to compete against students around the world in real-time games. They also had the opportunity to choose to compete against a computer if they weren't up for a human challenge. My daughters really enjoyed this area. I could see the delight on their faces when they did well. My oldest is pretty competitive so I can really understand why she enjoyed it so much. 

This section allows the user to change grade levels on the top of the screen. It displays how many users are online, allows you to view results and tracks top scores. A great part of Mathletics for sure.

Problem Solving

This area was for sure a fun section. It displays fun, interactive problem solving games. Every time a gold bar is earned from the curriculum activities it unlocks a game. Yet again, another motivation for my daughters to do well. I also learned that if you want to block this section you can do so by blocking it from the teachers console. I never had the need to do so, but found it interesting that it was an option. 

Concept Search

This is a wonderful section! I was really impressed that it was part of the program. In this section students have the opportunity to search for concepts and definitions they may not understand. The best part is that it is animated. This made it easier for my visual learners to understand better. It not only shows an animation, but it shows the definition and also related terms. It is very educational, helpful, and quite frankly pretty cool.

Rainforest Maths

Rainforest maths is a great section that offers more interactive games and activities for grades K-6. This was another favorite of my daughters. It is visually fun and educational. The animations are very good and I found it to hold my daughters attention well. 

Times Tables Toons

In this section my daughters were able to sing and dance around with a cool group of characters. The characters sing fun up-beat songs that help students easily learn the times tables. My daughters were able to click a character displayed on the left side, which in turn brought up a video. There is even an option to make the video full screen.


Parent Console 

Another wonderful section and a favorite of mine is the parent section. I was given my own login and with that am able to access it. In this section I can view my daughters progress such as weekly reports, certificates, check up reports, and even view their student console home screen. I also want to note that every week I am e-mailed their weekly reports. I absolutely love this! It's nice to have it in the parent section, but it is equally nice to be able to view from an e-mail.

Not only am I able to view reports, but I am also able to assign tasks. This is really handy for the students who need to spend more time on a certain topic before moving on. I think it is really nice to be able to assign a specific activity for your child to complete, before they are able to access the other features of Mathletics.
Also in this area I am able to access and print workbooks for each grade level and topic. I was also pretty happy about this. It's nice to know that we still have access to such a great math curriculum away from the computer as well. Which brings me to my next point.

Mathletics App

You can access Mathletics from a mobile device and tablet!
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Mathletics had an free app that I could download. My daughters enjoy using the app. I really loved that you can still access the app offline and that it will update when you have a connection again.

With the Mathletics app you can download curriculum content right to your device. All of your child's assigned tasks and homework alerts will pop up right on the tablet. Results are in real time and available immediately. Points and credits sync instantly with your desktop account. Also live mathletics and the concept search are available through the app. 

Final Thought

Mathletics states that it is now used by more than 3.5 million children worldwide and that they receive approximately 500,000 visitors a day, from children, teachers and parents. I can totally believe it! It's a pretty amazing site. The many sections are not only educational but also entertaining. I personally believe this is a wonderful resource for homeschoolers. When my children actually want to use a math website, I know they are doing something right! I feel very blessed that my children were able to use Mathletics.

What does Mathletics cost?

At this time you can currently purchase a full year subscription to Mathletics for only $59 per student. It is well worth it in my opinion.

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