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Preschoolers and Peace ~ Review

A few years ago, when my daughters were small, I could have only wished I would have had the opportunity to read the e-book Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet from Preschoolers and Peace. I have homeschooled my three daughters from the beginning and having read a book such as this, would have really gave me a ton of ideas on how to homeschool them and still keep some sanity. Ha! I suppose, I managed to keep a little bit of it, but seriously this is an excellent book filled with a ton of encouragement and wise information. I was really excited about doing this review, not because I have preschoolers, but because I know a ton of my readers do. I figured the information would be extremely helpful and relatable. I also figured I could tell you all about it. I figured right, well sort of. I am very excited to share all about it with you, but I never honestly thought I would wind up taking as much from it for myself as I did. There were parts of the book that I needed to read and quite frankly I'm so thankful I did.

Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet is a short e-book that is packed full of lovely information. It is a resource for moms. It includes chapters such as
  • What a Homeschooling Mom Needs
  • Preparing Yourself to Homeschool Older Kids With Little Ones Underfoot
  • Planning Around Preschoolers
  • How Do I Keep Them Busy?
  • What Does a 2-Year-Old's Day Look Like?
  • How Do I Get Any Preschooling Done?
  • How Not to Just Kill Time
  • Circle Time: Or How We Pull the Little Ones In
  • Preschool Boys
  • When All of Your Kiddos Are Preschoolers
  • Preschool Chores
  • Planning for Preschool
  • When Mama is Worn Out (or Pregnant)
  • Meal Planning 101

This e-book was written by a wonderful blogger, Kendra Fletcher. Kendra blogs at Preschoolers and Peace.  For years, the readers of Preschoolers and Peace had asked for a "best of" the site in an e-Book. Therefore, she created the e-book. It is inspired by her own experiences during the homeschooling of her 8 children. Ultimately, she has homeschooled for 16 years and has always had a preschooler in the home. Her wise advice comes not from just speculation, but truly from her real life experiences. It's filled with encouragement, her incredible faith and practical ideas.

As if you couldn't already tell, I absolutely loved Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet! I was completely hooked from the first chapter, What a Homeschooling Mom Needs. In this chapter, Kendra shares her story of how she was allowing homeschooling and her works define who she was. I have completely been guilty of that myself. She shares a short but beautiful testimony of finding identity in Christ and about how the good news of our creation, fall, redemption, and the restoration by Christ should be what we remind ourselves of each day. Okay, can you see why I was hooked? This is what I was talking about when I said there were parts that I needed to read. I'm a Christian, but the reminders and encouragement are always a blessing.

I was able to read through the book fairly quickly. As I read through, reading each chapter, I began to see more and more how even though I don't have preschoolers anymore, I could still adapt so much of the information to my own life.  I loved how she shared how sometimes we think homeschooling should look a certain way. Again, guilty! I used to think so many times, that I was doing something wrong, because I wasn't doing it a certain way. I loved how she went on to share about realizing that we make decisions based from our own circumstances, resources, and culture. Everything I read was so spot on. 

Her list of activities are fun and educational. I had heard of and even used many of them with my daughters, but a few were new and sounded like a ton of fun. I especially loved her chapter on meal planning. It was a great read. I've never been great at meal planning, but after reading about how she manages it, I was inspired to want to give it a try. 

Kendra finishes the book with a final word of encouragement and the last pages are filled with wonderful resources that correspond with each chapter. 

Ultimately, this is an e-book that provides wonderful tips on successfully homeschooling with a preschooler in the home. If you have a preschooler, I can assure you that you will find wonderful ideas and advice in the e-book. However, preschooler or no preschooler, I found this book to be a treasure of encouragement for all mothers. I highly recommend reading it! 

The cost of the e-book is only $2.99

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