Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Heaven before Harvard

(I sometimes write blog posts to myself. Sometimes I delete them, sometimes I publish them. I'm never sure who they will reach, but I am sure I need to remind myself of the things written. I decided to hit the publish button on this one. Perhaps, someone else needed this today.)


Harvard sounds like an amazing opportunity, I suppose. The excitement one must feel to know that their child is going to have the chance to continue their education at such a prestige college. I assume it would make any homeschool mother proud. I would personally feel a sense of pride knowing that I was able to educate my child in such a way that they were able to be accepted in.

How even more so, I would feel if I knew for a fact that my children were indeed going to heaven.

While college is for some, it just isn't for everyone. I don't feel like I should educate my children to have them conform to society's view of success. What is success anyway?

Success looks different to everyone.  

I personally would define success in this life as obediently living out the purpose for which we were created by God—as devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

I believe that my children should have both intellectual achievement and spiritual growth. Both are important and one does not exclude the other, as long as they are in the right order on the priority list. I find it a wonderful privilege, as well as an awesome responsibility to make sure my children will have both the knowledge, and courage to be the people that God wants them to be.

I've sat and pondered many times on the education choices I should be choosing and have chosen for my children and I always come back to three words.

Heaven before Harvard

I remember hearing those sweet words years ago when we started our homeschool journey. My mother-in-law and I were talking about something and out those words came. I honestly can't remember what we were talking about or what was even said after. I only remember those words, because they impacted me. They changed my young heart. They changed the way I viewed my children's education. Our ultimate goal is eternal life with Christ.

Is it possible to prepare your children for Heaven and Harvard? Absolutely! I'm merely stating the importance of making God priority in every aspect of our lives.

I want to leave you with a bible verse. A verse that may be more for me today. It may be for you also though. Here it is.....

What does it profit a man 
if he gains the whole world, 
yet loses his own soul?
(Mark 8:36)

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  1. Jenny K.8.10.14

    Well said. I feel as a parent my biggest job is to not only teach my children about the Lord, but to lead them closer to him thru my own walk. I am still growing & learning right along with my girls. The verse was very fitting for your post. I also needed to be reminded of that verse. Thanks for sharing. Happy homeschooling :)


Thank you for your comment! :)