Thursday, December 04, 2014

How to Make Crystal Snowflakes using Borax


Coffee Filters
Pan to boil water
Baking sheet with edges


Make a supersaturated solution of Borax and water. Boil water and mix in teaspoons of Borax until no more will dissolve. Allow the solution to cool.

Fold coffee filters in half 2-3 times and snip the edges thinking about where the cuts will appear when you unfold it. You may want to practice on paper first and figure out where to cut to come up with a snowflake design that you're happy with.

Unfold your snowflakes and place them into a baking sheet and carefully pour the supersaturated Borax solution over the snowflake, making sure it's completely immersed.

Let the snowflake sit in the solution about an hour or until it's covered in crystals. Place it on paper towels to dry. You might need to use a toothpick to knock crystals out of the snowflake's holes.

Once it's dry, pull ribbon through the snowflake, tie the ends, and hang it on your tree or you can give it as a gift.

*You can add food coloring to solution if you want different colors

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