Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10 Of Our Favorite STEM Resources and FREE STEM Notebook Printables

1) Exploratorium - Exploratorium is jam-packed with interactive activities, videos, apps, links and more.

2) How Stuff Works - This site has a ton of articles that explain the wonders of science. We love it! 

STEM-Works - In addition to articles and job information, STEM-Works includes a lot of interesting and educational activities.

Funology - This site offers ideas that will inspire and entertain.

NASA Kids’ Club - Children can use their science and math skills to explore Mars, construct a fleet of rockets or imagine they are going to the moon.

Kids Ahead - Kids Ahead is packed with all kinds of resources, including scavenger hunts, videos, articles, links to local activities and fun events and info on cool jobs.

MathMovesU - Practice your math skills with online games, virtual thrill rides and national competitions!

Science Bob - This website has videos, links and plenty of ideas for build-your-own experiments and science fair projects.

TechRocket - A great learning tool for kids interested in programming, graphic design, and more!

DiscoverE - Thinking about engineering? DiscoverE has a selection of resources on careers and preparing for college. They also have a bunch of cool videos, trips, websites and hands-on activities.

Would you like a printable of the above list? If so, you can download and print that list by clicking the graphic below. 

Are you looking for a fun STEM activity? 

Invention boxes are great tools to get your children building, exploring, creating, and learning. 

Are you interested in putting together a STEM notebook for you children? I have created some fun and educational printables to get you started. 

Click Here to Download and Print Your Own STEM Notebook

Things you can add to your notebook

1) Lined paper
2) Graph Paper
3) Blank Sheets for drawing
4) Math Reference Sheets
5) Printable rulers
6) Recording Sheets

Check out our STEM - Pinterest Board for more wonderful STEM ideas and activities. 

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