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This year has been a so wonderful. My daughters and I have been blessed with so many wonderful products and just recently my three daughters and I had the awesome opportunity to review yet another great product. We reviewed GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN

What is GPA LEARN?

GPA LEARN is a company that strives to create a world where children are placed at the center of their own personalized educational ecosystem. Their entire team works daily to build the world’s best educational technology tool to optimize each child’s individual learning environment.


GPALOVEMATH is a cool and fun web-based math program for children in grades K-5. It features animated characters that serve as “Learning Coaches.” These coaches offer supplemental help with over 150 lessons and over 10,000 practice problems per grade level.  Each of my daughters have an individual grade level “Learning Coach” that is different from her sister. They thought that having a coach was very helpful and fun. I choose the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels for them for this review. 


My daughters each have their own log in and I have a separate parent log in.  After logging in, my daughters are brought to a dashboard home screen. From this area they can choose three other wonderful features. These three features really make GPALOVEMATH great.

These three features are: Learn - Engage - Motivate 

Learn - In the learn feature there are three paths to choose from. The green path, purple path, and blue path. Each path offers a different array of lessons.  Lessons are unlocked as they complete the previous lessons.  There is an option to unlock lessons from the parent account. When starting a lesson they were able to see the skill they would be learning, points they could earn, and the button to start.  


After choosing to start the lesson they were brought to another screen that offers video instruction, practice, and lastly a quiz. 

The quizzes each had 15 questions and after completing one they were rewarded points. I loved the way this was set-up. The instruction was always done in a entertaining yet very educational way. It engaged my daughters and made them interested in what they were being taught. I was also glad to see that they could then practice the skills they just learned. Having the practice really helped them with the quizzes. My daughters did try to skip the practice and just attempt the quizzes a couple of times. They learned pretty fast just how important having the practice was. 

Another great thing about the learn feature is that if your children have trouble reading they could click on the sentence or paragraph and their learning coach would read it to them. This helped me a ton. I didn't feel like I had to stand there the whole time making sure they read each question right. 

Engage - The engage feature was one that we didn't really play around with a ton, but is still a very neat feature. The engage area is a private social network that connects students, parents, and teachers to facilitate dialogue around each child's learning experience.    

Motivate - The motivate feature is a reward system that surprises and celebrates the child’s effort and successes. This was absolutely one of our favorite features. My daughters had so much fun earning rewards and I thought it was wonderful as well.  I loved that I was able to log in with my account and choose the rewards that I felt my daughters would appreciate the most. This was a huge plus and there is a big choice of rewards to pick from. I usually choose rewards from the chore category. I knew they would appreciate earning these rewards and having help with their chores. 

My daughters usually earned a reward for every 4 lessons they completed. They were even able to save up their points and redeem them for actual gift cards or different rewards. So cool! One of my daughters was able to redeem their points for a $10 ToysRus gift card and another was able to receive a $10 Target gift card. I was blown away by this and thought it was extremely fun and exciting for them. 

After they received a reward it was stored in their virtual backpack. I printed out the rewards and usually stuck them on the refrigerator until they were ready to use them. They had so much fun using them. My youngest was very excited when she realized that I would be feeding our pets for the day for her. I actually ended up doing a lot of their chores, but I seriously didn't mind. I mean my daughters were doing math and enjoying it! Were they motivated to practice and learn their math? Absolutely! 

Another thing that I really enjoyed about GPALOVEMATH was the fact that I received an e-mail each time a lesson was attempted and completed. I always love when I am able to see how my children are doing. Receiving an e-mail is a wonderful way to achieve that. I was able to see how long the lesson lasted, whether they completed the instruction and the practice, and what they scored on the quiz. Aside from receiving each lesson summary, I also received a weekly digest e-mail for each daughter. This showed me their weekly progress and allowed me to see where they might need some additional help. 

The only thing that we did have a minor issue with was that occasionally the screen would freeze. We used GPALOVEMATH in the Chrome browser on a laptop and a desktop computer. The only time it happened was when using it on the laptop. So it's hard to tell whether it was indeed the program or just my laptop. Anyhow, I found out that by right clicking I could hit a button that says reload the frame. This allowed the page to reload without my children having to start from the beginning. 

What does GPALOVEMATH cost?

GPALOVEMATH is currently $149 for the year or $12.99/mo per child. 
There is a free trial you can try before you purchase. 

It is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and Galaxy Tab 4.

The supported browsers are: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari 6 & 7.

Final Thought

I hadn't ever heard of GPALOVEMATH before this review, but I can now say that we are big fans. It was such a fun review and my daughters thoroughly enjoyed learning math alongside their learning coaches and being rewarded for their hard work. I foresee us continuing to use GPALOVEMATH. It was a blessing.

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