Friday, March 06, 2015

Using YouTube In Your Homeschool

As a homeschool parent there are going to be times when you could use a little help. For example, when my daughter wanted to learn how to crochet, I was a little scared. I didn't exactly know how to do it myself, let alone try to teach someone.

That's when I did what any 21st century mom would probably do. I went to YouTube. 

Friends, my daughter was crocheting doll clothes by the end of the week. I was intrigued and most of all excited! Excited that I had this wonderful resource to help me when I truly needed it. Now my daughter is learning to play the guitar and she is getting very good for her age. You know where she is getting the lessons? You guessed it...YouTube.

Today I want to share a few of our favorite YouTube channels and ideas that I feel are very beneficial for homeschoolers. Enjoy!

YouTube hint: Don't forget you can search by using hashtags

YouTube Education - You can search by topic or by grade level, making it much easier to narrow down what you are looking for.

YouTube Math Channels

YouTube Science Channels



YouTube History Channels

US National Archives

YouTube Geography Channels

Geography Now



YouTube Language Art Channels


YouTube Art Channels

Art for Kids Hub


Random Favorite Channels

CGP Grey



Looking for homeschoolers on Youtube? 

iHomeschool Network has a wonderful list.


Are you worried about your children being on YouTube?

You can create playlists and add any video to those playlists. You can make them public, for others to see or you can make them private so that only you and your children can see them. When you click play all the videos in that playlist will play in the order you placed them.


Using technology in homeschooling can be very rewarding. Have you seen my Homeschooling With Netflix post. Click Below to view. 

Homeschooling educational shows

What are some of your favorite YouTube Channels? Comment below.

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