Monday, April 20, 2015

PBS Kids ~ OETA ~ Explore the Outdoors ~ Field Trip


Do you live in Oklahoma? 

If so, there is an event that happens yearly that I think you should know about. It's a wonderful learning event and it's FREE!

It's the PBS Kids ~ OETA ~ Explore the Outdoors Event.

You can join OETA at Oklahoma’s beautiful State Parks
for a day of FREE family fun and outdoor activities! From investigations of wind, trees and habitats 
to nature hikes and recycling activities, families can learn up-close about nature and the environment!

This Year, OETA Has Expanded Explore The Outdoors To FOUR State Parks: 

CLICK HERE to see if there is a State Park close to you and to see dates.


My daughters loved the event. They always love getting out in nature and exploring. Through the event they were able to learn, build, paint, and explore. One of their favorite parts was being able to meet and do an experiment with Jessi Crino, the host of What's the Deal?  

What's the Deal? is a web show about finding out how things work.

After completing their experiment they each received a cool What's The Deal? t-shirt. Of course they had to put those on immediately. 

The girls also had the opportunity to meet and listen to Al Bostick. Al is a an artist and amazing story teller. His career spans some 30 years in the Oklahoma region. It was a pleasure to be able to listen to him entertain us. 

The girls also enjoyed building structures out of clay and toothpicks as well as also painting a picture of what they were observing in nature. 

The girls also got to see Curious George. They thought that was pretty fun. 

There was also a tables set up that gave the girls opportunities to learn about minerals, oil exploration, and animals. Each table presented a ton of educational facts in a fun and easy to understand way.

At the end of the event they each received certificates of completion. These state they they had each completed 4 hours of additional studies in STEM, Physical Education and Social Studies at Explore the Outdoors 2015 

As you can probably tell, we had a blast. We hope that you get the opportunity to attend as well. 

Want to learn more about OETA?






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