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A+ Interactive Math ~ Review

Hi Friends, My three daughters and I had the chance to review the Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math. In the past online math programs have proven to be very successful among my daughters and I was excited to see what this one had to offer.

What is the Family Math Package?

 A+ Interactive Math Family Math Packages are specially designed to cater to both individual & family needs. There is Access to all grade levels for each student (K1 - Algebra). You have the ability to change the grade level to fit student needs at any time. The program teaches, grades, measures, reviews and tracks. I like that the program uses multiple learning styles to fit each students individual needs.

How we used Family Math Package

I was able to sign my three daughters up with ease. They each have their own login and this makes it nice to be able to keep track of each ones work. After they sign in they have the option to view their profile or to launch their math level. Launching means that the program opens a dashboard in a new browser window.

Below is an example of what the dashboard for my oldest looks like 

As you can see from the picture above, the program features:

  • Multimedia Interactive Lessons
These animated lessons make learning fun. My daughters found them easy to understand and entertaining. They really enjoyed the animations when the would get a problem correct. After completing a lesson, it shows on the top the completion date as well as the score achieved. 

  • Lesson Plans
It's really great when I know what we should be doing and when. The lesson plans have been very helpful in keeping me on track. While we do get behind, it's nice to have an idea of where we need to be and what we need to do to get back on track. I also like that the lesson plans are printable. 

  • Printables
The printables are another wonderful addition. While my daughters have always enjoyed doing an online math curriculum, sometimes it's also nice to have a worksheet in hand. With this program you have the option to not only print worksheets but also print Exams and Reference Sheets. 

  • Ebooks
Under the Ebooks tab, you can view a full curriculum book, worksheet solution guides, and exam solution guides. It's, yet again, a helpful addition that has made using this program and learning math fun.

  • Online Worksheets and Exams
There is even an option to do worksheets and exams online. We didn't do a lot of these, but I really do appreciate that they are here. I anticipate that we will be using more of these in the future.

I also really enjoy the Parent Features as well. They include:
  • Instant online grading.
            It's always nice to be able to see a grade after a lesson is completed and my daughters love            being able to see how well they did immediately after a lesson. So this is a very nice feature. 

  • Parental controls that allow parents to lock solution guides.

  • Progress reports that identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.
The progress reports have been nice. I'm not use to making my own progress reports. When a program offers the opportunity to easily see them, It makes me excited. 
  • The ability to enter students scores to track progress for all work completed offline.

Final Thought

There are a ton of lessons for us to still do. This is a very wonderful program and we are looking forward to using it more in the future. If you are looking for a complete math program than I recommend A+ Interactive Math.


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