Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dear Future Sons In Law

Dear Future Sons In Law,

Although my daughters are still quite young, do you know I'm praying for you right now? I'm praying not just for the sake of my daughters and their happiness, but also for your happiness as well. One day you will be a well-accepted part of our big ol' family.

Do you know how much we love and adore our beautiful daughters? Very, very much! There's nothing in this world we wouldn't do to see them walking through each day with their heart filled with joy. Their daddy and I want to see their happiness and their beautiful smiles. Oh, they are wonderful!...........just wait. You will see!

I really want you to know something. I know at first you'll be more interested in how pretty she is on the outside. But I promise you, she is breathtakingly beautiful on the inside, too. As you get to know her, you'll learn the unique way in which her heart beats for what she's most passionate about.

 Be good to her and love her as Christ loves the church.

Please understand, the day we give her away to you, we will give you the biggest parts of our lives. We ultimately will be handing you the first moments we held her and cuddled her. We will hand you the laughs, the cries and all the emotional roller coasters we'll have gone through. We will hand you every piece of her, because on that day, she will be yours.

I pray now that you'll grow into a wonderful, God loving man, that understands your own heart and hers as well. I pray that you will live to protect, nurture, and love my daughter with all of your being. We hope you understand that we are invested in raising her so that she'll be the woman you want to raise kids with, the wife you will look forward to coming home to, and the woman you will want to spend the rest of your life with. 

Oh, by the way. Her daddy? Well, he may not like you at first and that's understandable, right? I mean, he has invested his time in protecting, loving, and caring for her. He loved her first and he cares so much. He is very interested in her happiness. I know that if you can love her, stick by her and show him how much you really care, he'll come around. I promise. 

One last thing, the most important thing. 

Trust God, honor God, and put Jesus at the center of your marriage and your family.

Your Future Mother In Law

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  1. :) Sweet; precious. And believe me, the time goes by!


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