Monday, May 18, 2015 ~ Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story ~ Review

Hi Friends, Do you enjoy watching Christian movies with your family? 

 My daughters and I recently got to review Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story from What a wonderful opportunity it was for us! 

Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story is a wonderful Christian DVD that features the founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley.

When John Wesley was six years old he is miraculously saved from his family’s home that had caught on fire. John Wesley's mother called him a “brand plucked from the burning.” She truly believed that God had spared John for a wonderful purpose. As John Wesley grows older, he tries to live out that wonderful purpose using strength and good works. He becomes a priest in the Church of England and even helps found the Holy Club at Oxford. At first it brings on a lot of frustration and failure.

Feeling discouraged, John walks into a Bible study one evening at the suggestion of his
friend, Moravian Peter Böhler. At the bible study John’s eyes are opened to a new concept: salvation by grace and trust in Christ.  Finally, after years of struggle, Wesley feels as if his purpose has been found.  But his new message is not welcomed in the churches. Eventually John breaks all the rules and takes his message outside the church walls to the needy and outcasts. By the end of the story, John Wesley learns that salvation is through faith, but that faith leads to works.

~The Details~

The DVD runs 30 minutes plus their are a few great extras.

It is recommended for youth ages 8-12

The extras include:

  • A 55 minute documentary on John Wesley
  • Comprehensive leader's guide in PDF
  • Reproducible student guide in PDF
  • English and Spanish languages and subtitles 
~Our Thoughts~

This is a film that really touched the heart of my daughters and myself. We couldn't just watch it once, but instead opted to watch it several times. Each time our discussions grew bigger. I loved that our conversations were deep and meaningful and I'm thankful for that. The movie is animated and immediately caught my daughters attention. The movie does a wonderful job sharing about John Wesley's life in a way that is not only entertaining but very educational as well.

I really loved having a leader's guide PDF and student guide PDF. We printed the student guide out for my daughters. It was a great and helpful addition to the film. Both PDF guides are very simple to access. To access them, I simply placed the DVD into my computer and opened the files. They were both located nicely in a study guide folder. 

The Leader's Guide includes a wonderful teaching plan. The plan breaks down the story into 4 sessions. 

Session 1 - Saved By Grace
Session 2 - Growing in Righteousness
Session 3 - Walking the Talk
Session 4 - Galloping with the Gospel

My daughters enjoyed watching the DVD and they enjoyed the student guide. The student guide is filled with a lot of great activities. It includes a memorization chart, fill-in-the blank pages, coloring pages, word search and questions to answer relating to the story.  I felt that having the student guide helped my daughters really remember what they were learning.

If you are studying about missionaries and Christian leaders or just want to watch a great Christian family movie than I highly recommend Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story.

You can currently purchase Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story for only $9.99

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