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JazzEdge ~ Easy Piano Basics ~ Review

Music has always been a big interest to my daughters. My oldest plays the guitar and my youngest has really been wanting to learn how to play the piano. When I found out that we were chosen to review Easy Piano Basics from the wonderful company, JazzEdge, I was pretty excited. I received  access to a lifetime subscription of lessons. What a blessing to our family!

What is Easy Piano Basics?

Easy Piano Basics is a step-by-step online program that teaches beginners how to play the piano. The course is taught by a wonderful gentleman, Willie Myette. The program consists of 32 online video lessons. In these lessons my youngest daughter learned wonderful techniques that began to help her become a beginning piano player. It is recommended to try to practice 5-10 minutes per day, 5 days a week. While, I'd love to be able to say that we indeed practice 5 days a week, I can't. However my daughter did practice multiply times a week and it was really paying off. 

Signing up and logging into Easy Piano Basics is super easy. After logging in, we were brought to a dashboard. The dashboard contains the 32 video lessons and a place to download and print sheet music that accompany the lessons. 

No special equipment is needed.  However you will need a keyboard or piano. Thankfully, any keyboard or piano will be fine for practice. You can view the videos on any phone, tablet or computer. My daughter and I were very thankful to be able to access the lessons using a tablet. From the tablet we were able to sync the content to our television. We absolutely loved that. Doing that allowed my daughter to view the lessons easier while having the keyboard in front of her. 

What we loved about Easy Piano Basics

While my daughter loved learning some great piano basics, I truly loved watching her practice. It's a great feeling knowing that my daughter was learning something that would benefit her now and in the future. Throughout the time she did the lessons she was able to learn the notes of the piano, how to properly sit at the piano, the five finger scale, half and whole steps, and so much more. She isn't quite done with the lessons and still has so much to learn. We are excited to continue on. One thing that I loved about the program, was the fact that my daughter could watch the lessons as many times as she needed. She also liked the fact that she could pause and start the videos when she needed to. Being able to do so helped her immensely.

Willie does an amazing job at teaching. He has a true gift. Each video was under 10 minutes and some where only a couple minutes long. They each had the perfect amount of information to keep my daughter interested and learning.  We loved that each video shows the keyboard and what keys were being pushed. This was very helpful and a wonderful way to learn. 

Another wonderful thing, is that this program can be used with multiple children. Also, I too feel like I was learning so much. This program is not just for children but for everyone and I loved being able to learn alongside my daughter. 

While all of the above are indeed great things about the program, I have to say that my all time favorite part was not having to leave the house to bring her to lessons. Yes! Seriously friends, this was wonderful. It's great to have a child be able to learn so much without the need to rush around and leave the house.  Being able to learn in the comfort of our own home was fantastic. I can't say it enough. During the time we were reviewing, we took a family vacation. I was worried that she may not be able to practice. I was wrong. Being able to access the lessons from our smartphone proved to be very useful as well. Even though she wasn't able to use the piano for those lessons, she was still able to view them and then watch them again at home with her piano. 

Final Thought

My daughter went into this program with absolutely no piano knowledge whatsoever, so I was excited when she started learning some pretty valuable piano basics. I'm very thankful for Easy Piano Basics. We both love it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for basic piano lessons. As I said before, it's also great for the person who would like to learn in the comfort of their own home. 

Do you have prior piano experience? Perhaps you would be interested in PianoWithWillie.
PianoWithWillie offers piano instruction at many different levels. 

Do you or your child have a drum set and eager to learn how to use it? DrumsWithWillie would be a great course to check out. 

What does Easy Piano Basics cost?

Right now you can get Easy Piano Basics for only $59.00

It's a one-time fee, no subscription, and no auto-renewal. A great deal in my opinion.

Also, there is a 30-Day, No Hassle Guarantee.  So, if after 30 days you feel Easy Piano Basics is not right for you, simply contact them for a full refund. Although, I personally think you will love the program. 

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