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Memoria Press ~ Famous Men of Rome ~ REVIEW

When choosing a history curriculum, Memoria Press is usually my first thought to look. So I was pretty happy recently when I found out that my oldest daughter could review the Famous Men of Rome Set from them. 

What is the Famous Men of Rome Set

Famous Men of Rome is ideal for children in grades 4-8. It's a perfect fit for children who are fascinated by Rome. The book contains 30 stories that cover all of ancient Rome’s history, from its start to its demise. The books contains maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire, and a glossary of people and places.

The set also includes a wonderful student guide as well as a helpful teacher's guide. It is a year-long workbook course that comprehensively covers Famous Men of Rome.
30 workbook lessons includes:
  • Famous Quotes
  • Drills of Key People and Places 
  • 10 Vocabulary Words
  • 5-10 Comprehension Questions
Activities section includes:
  • Mapwork 
  • Discussion Questions 
  • Research Projects
Famous Men of Rome also comes with an appendix of supplements, including a “Who Said That?” worksheet, a timeline beginning with the founding of Rome, drill questions, and drawing pages

How we used Famous Men of Rome

We tried to use this curriculum at least three times a week. Sometimes we were only able to a couple times a week.  We found that this wasn't a curriculum that can be rushed through and understood in it's full context. So we appreciated being able to take time to really focus on each chapter. 

My daughter is 11 and did have a little trouble reading and pronouncing some names, but I was always around to help. She has never really been exposed to Roman mythology so it was all very new and foreign to her. She also had a little trouble understanding some of the information that was given and had no problems letting me know that she didn't agree with or understand some of it. An example being, how they believe one lady fell in love and had children with a supposed God, Mars. This was in the first chapter and it confused her. I felt like it was a good chance to talk to her about Roman history and the Roman history beliefs and how they differ from ours. I assured her that the more she studied the more she would start to understand how they believed.

After reading the chapters, my daughter spent time looking up and learning the vocabulary words located in her student guide as well as reading the facts to know and filling out the comprehension questions. 

I really appreciated the student and teacher guides. I loved how the teacher guide contains pages on how to use the guide and tests and answers to the tests are located in the back. The student guide was very nice and really helped my daughter understand what she was learning. She has never really liked workbooks, but this one was such a tremendous help. I feel like she really needed it. 

She enjoyed the activities such as drawing a family tree, and starting a Roman history timeline. I always appreciate it when a curriculum offers hands-on activities and this one definitely does.  

She also expressed how she liked that the book included pictures and some were even in color. The pictures were also very helpful, as some explained things she was learning about. 

Once again, I'm thankful that the Famous Men of Rome Set is something that we can work through at my daughters pace. I foresee us continuing to use it and can't wait to see what stories we will read and learn about next. 

What Does The Famous Men of Rome Set Cost?

You can currently purchase the Famous Men of Rome Set for only $39.95

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