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UnLock Math - UnLock Pre-Algebra - Review

Hello Friends, My oldest daughter recently had the opportunity to review UnLock Pre-Algebra from the wonderful company, UnLock Math.  Much to my surprise, my daughter has always enjoyed math. As she gets older though, I'm finding it harder and harder to find math products that keep her interest. That's why I'm very thankful to have been chosen to review UnLock Pre-Algebra with her. 

UnLock Pre-Algebra is a 24/7 access online pre-algebra program that you can use at home or on the go.  It includes:

Engaging Teaching Videos
Interactive & Adaptive Testing
Unlimited Practice & Review
Complete Solutions
Immediate Feedback
Complete Grading
Extensive Reporting
Reference Notes
Pacing Guide

Each child has their own personalized dashboard to login into.  In the dashboard they can see their progress at a glance, choose their next lessons, view and print their progress report which is always updated in real time, access their grade book that contains in-depth details of each completed assignment, and download a pacing guide. The pacing guide is just that, a guide that shows the student how long each lesson should take to complete. It was helpful as it allows students to pace the course. 

What we loved about UnLock Pre-Algebra

I loved that UnLock Pre-Algebra is divided into sixteen units. We received a full year access and are really hoping to have all the units completed by the end of our year.

Each lesson in the units are broken up into six parts:
  • Warm Up 
  • Lesson Video: In this section the instructor, Alesia, gives a small lesson on a math concept that your child is going to be working on. 
  • Practice Problems
  • Stay Sharp
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Reference notes: A PDF of all the concepts that Alesia explored in the lesson video. 

One of the things that my daughter expressed that she really liked was the lesson videos. My daughter has had trouble in the past with the lessons that do not have videos included. Including the videos has really helped my daughter understand the new concepts she was learning. Another thing she said she liked seeing was the window that popped up after she completed a lesson that said lesson complete. 

She also expressed how easy it was to use the program, which I can appreciate. I know how hard it is to enjoy a program when it is a hard to navigate and use. Thankfully this is not the case, as UnLock Pre-Algebra is very easy to navigate. 

One thing I really enjoyed as a parent was the progress reports.  Being able to see where my daughter excels and where she may need extra help at has truly been helpful and I'm very thankful these reports are included. 

Another thing that I have enjoyed is the course gradebook. I can't say it enough, I really love programs that include grading. It takes a lot of pressure off of the parent when they don't have to worry about going back over and grading each lesson. Having the gradebook has made using the program more enjoyable for not only my daughter but for me as well. 

Final Thought

My daughter still has a ton of lessons and units to complete but I foresee us continuing on through the program and hopefully finishing it by the end of our year. I'm very thankfully that UnLock Math has put so much work into making this a program that will benefit many families. We highly recommend it.

Do they have any demo lessons?

 Absolutely! A Demo Lesson can be found at the link below:

What does UnLock Pre-Algebra Cost?

You can currently purchase UnLock Pre-Algebra for:
   Annual $299.00 USD 
Monthly $49.00 USD

Would you like $100 off on an annual purchase? 

Sounds great doesn't it? Well you can by clicking the link below.

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