Friday, November 06, 2015

Ann McCallum - Eat Your Math Homework - Review

My daughters and I were recently blessed to review Eat Your Math Homework from Ann McCallum Books. This was such a fun review for my daughters and even myself. I enjoyed watching them read and interact with each other to complete all the fun math activities that are included in it. 

Eat Your Math Homework is a 48 page book written by Ann McCallum. Math and cooking have always gone hand-in-hand, but Ann McCallum takes it to a whole new level in this wonderful book. The book is filled with wonderful hands-on cooking activities that are not only fun but explore a ton of great math concepts. We really enjoyed the book and thought that it was well written and easy to follow along with. 

Each section includes fun math facts and an edible math project. The recipes include Fibonacci snack sticks based on the famous sequence of numbers, fraction chips made from cut-up tortillas, tessellating two-color brownies, milk and tangram cookies, variable pizza pi and probability trail mix. Also, each section includes a math "appeteaser." These were fun math questions that my daughters enjoyed trying to solve.  

How My Daughters Used Eat Your Math Homework

We sat down and read this book together as a family. It's a fairly short book, so reading through it was quite simple. My daughters loved it and they couldn't wait to start trying out the fun kitchen activities. 

A couple years ago, my oldest daughter received some tangram puzzle cards. She loved them so much and spent hours playing with them. When she saw that there was a lesson on tangram cookies she leaped with joy. It was the first one she wanted to do. She appreciated that each lesson includes the tools needed as well as an ingredient list and instructions. She quickly checked to make sure we had everything that was needed. When she saw we did, she was even more thrilled. I enjoyed watching her as she read the instructions provided in the book and did each step. We were all pretty happy with the end results and she really enjoyed making a tangram scene. 

When she was all done, we ate the cookies and they were delicious. My husband arrived home to find a piece for him as well and he said that he thought that the book was working out wonderful for our family. Perhaps, it's because he enjoyed the yummy treats or perhaps, it was because he knew his daughters were having fun and learning. I'll assume both.

My other two daughters favorite activity was the probability trail mix. The had a blast setting up the activity as well as learning about probability. They had fun recording the results and seeing how close they were to their predictions. 

I loved this book so much and I know my daughters enjoyed it as well. I appreciated the fact that there is a math review that follows all the lessons and glossary for some of the harder words. My daughters did have trouble with some of the words and the glossary proved to be very helpful. Most of the harder words are in bold. 

We haven't completed all of the activities, but I foresee them all done in the near future. I have a feeling this is a book that will be put to use over and over again. 

You can currently purchase Eat Your Math Homework for only $7.95. 
That is a wonderful price in my opinion.

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  1. Great review! I am adding this to our amazon wishlist! It looks like so much fun. My oldest daughter also loves to cook and bake, and hates math, so it may be something that will show her math can be fun!!

    1. Thanks! I'm certain that you and your daughter will love it!

  2. I love those Milk and Tangram pictures. So glad you had fun doing the math activities! :)

    1. Thanks! Your book was a hit in our home. We look forward to checking out all the other wonderful ones you have to offer.


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