Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crazy Fun Thursday!

The morning was relaxing, with the aroma of bacon in the air. The girls rested well last night, and eager to know what today would bring. I handed out treasure bags and let them explore the outside. They picked out special rocks, limbs, flowers, and leaves. later on we plan on making a collage with the items.

I read to them "A Porcupine
Named Fluffy"

We Talked about why it was so funny that a Porcupine is named Fluffy! The Rhino was named Hippo! :) We plan on getting playdo and toothpicks and making our own Porcupine, using buttons for the eyes.

We also worked on out Phonics lesson and have a Noahs Ark Unit Study to begin.

Aunt Gabby came to visit today! She enjoyed playing with the girls and Raylee was happy she came!

This is our Crazy Fun Thursday!

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