Thursday, July 31, 2008

Being an example!

I sat here and pondered on what I would write about today. I'm watching the girls run, play, and try to act like me? There is no fighting! YEAH! I hear the girls talking amongst themselves, "Okay girls what are we going to learn today" says Breanna , "Do you need to use the restroom, Raylee?" asks Gracie, "Mom , Can we help you?".

I can't help but be so proud of how they are growing into respectful, helpful little girls. It has been an uphill battle on hoping that by my example I could instill such values as they are starting to show now. I knew from the time my girls were born, that I was so blessed and had a job so important in raising them. I thank God everyday!

The most common and most important discipleship relationship is that of parent and child. It is a nurturing, training, teaching, and discipling relationship. Since the contact between parent and child is so close, teaching is unavoidable. The child will be like the parent in many ways. "Like father, like son" is not just a catchy saying - it is the reality of life on earth. The parent has a responsibilty before God and others to disciple and teach their children successfully.

I'm going to be working on myself daily, to insure that I am setting the right example. I'm going to remember to change what isn't working and look for methods that do. Most important I'm going to love my children unconditionally and continue to pray for guidance. :)


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