Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organizing our Homeschool Room

UPDATE: November 2013 (At Bottom)

2011 - 
Well it's been a task, but it's almost there. I tackled the schoolroom. This is a room, that seems to always be "in need" of some organization. I struggle with trying to keep this room tidyI still have things in the room that I would like to tackle, but I'm going to tackle them little by little.  :) Homeschooling is super fun, but trying to store everything has proven to be difficult. I find items strung about the house most everyday, and having a home for it all will most definitely help. I have organized a writing/math area for the girls. Most days we just gather around the kitchen table. Having children in different grades has at times been difficult to focus on tasks. I'm hoping with these new "special" areas that more work can be accomplished.  

                        Many Blessings,

Update: November 2013 - Wow, it has been a while since I've seen our schoolroom look like the pictures above. Well since 2011. I was looking through old posts and came across this one. It is amazing the change this room has made in 2 years. I decided it was time to add an updated picture. As always this room is forever changing to accommodate our needs. 


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