Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Organization & Cleaning

Well January has proved to be a very productive month thus far. Still following along with the organization challenges daily. Super proud of the work that has been accomplished. Today I managed to organize the mail center and filing cabinet. Last night I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the stove top.

It snowed here late last night. Roads have ice below snow, so traveling is not in my future for today. So since I'm home all day and the children are busy working away on their school work, I shall organize and clean some more. Just when I think I have organized the whole house, I find more.

I have really been wanting to organize the mail center for while. I usually open the cabinet, take a quick look, and close the door real fast, lol ;) As with everything, I hope since I put much work in, that it stays this way.

The lovely stove & fridge. I really wish I would have took before pictures.  Huge difference!

Many Blessing to all! 


  1. Great job!! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Anonymous20.1.11

    Great work!

  3. Great job! Love your purple basket...wish my Dollar Deals had that color.

  4. Thx! :)A lil work goes a long way :)


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