Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Okay, so my youngest daughter turned 5 last March. I guess in my family 5 isn't so kind. I'll elaborate on that. 
When my oldest was 5 she ran through the backyard and stepped on an arrowhead resulting in stitches. When my middle daughter was 5 she fell and ripped her arm open on a chalkboard screw. Well you guessed it! Raylee is 5 now, and I was so hoping no stitch injuries would come upon her. Well, I was wrong. She slipped and fell the other day resulting in 3 stitches in her chin. She was so brave!  Well we go to the doctor tomorrow to have the stitches removed. I know she is super excited to have them gone. I really hope now we can learn to calm it down a bit, lol, yeah right!  The climbing, running, jumping, and spinning, is so fun when your a child, right!? Well I will pray for protection over them everyday as they play and explore new things. 

I found a neat site to help teach children about their stitches. It is:
Just click below

How Stitches Help Kids Heal


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