Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Bliss!

I love the mornings where everything seems to go together. Beautiful weather and beautiful kids w/ beautiful attitudes. It's a lounge wear day. A day to school in comfort and enjoy the awesomeness around us.   The weather is cool, which is a nice change. Schooling has so-far been easy sailing. Feeling pretty blessed today, as if it hasn't became apparent :) I guess it's a nice change from the last few days. The days where everything seems to derail us from schooling, even momma (Yep, me). I get, well, lazy in my schooling sometimes. *Gasp* I know, I know. Well it happens. All is well now, and I'm feeling better. ;)  

The girls wanted to make us lunch! Ummm.. Yes, Please!  So they did! Today we had the most bestest pigs in the blanket...EVER.....  Yes, I just said most bestest. lol Those are the words of my 5 year old. I did correct her to say the best! The best pigs in the blankets ever.  

So how is your Thursday going?

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