Friday, October 07, 2011

Autumn Love!

Today is a perfect day to be backyard explorer!

I love Fridays, mainly because it's our more relaxed school day. Today just seemed liked a perfect day to study about fall & leaves. My girls love to rake leaves and jump in them and they love to do leaf rubbings. I wondered if they understood why leaves change colors in fall. Today was a  perfect opportunity to play with leaves and learn about them. 

Me: "Girls why do leaves change color in the fall?"

Oldest DD: "Because, all the good stuff in the leaves go to the branches and roots to get ready for winter."  

Well I'm sure by the good stuff, she must mean nutrients. :)

Middle DD: Because it is fall!

Youngest DD: Because they just do!


I have found some great resources for learning about Fall & leaf identification. Hope you enjoy them.

The Girls working on their Fall words.

Fall Craft = A Leaf lantern!

Gather leaves, Paste on jar, insert tea light, & Enjoy!

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  1. We love the fall, too! Leave identification and leaf rubbings are fun and an annual tradition for us. I really like the leaf lantern idea! We'll have to borrow that one. ;0)


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