Friday, September 27, 2013

From Oklahoma City to Chicago

      I was born, raised and currently reside in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma has my heart. Some people envision growing up and leaving the place they call home, but not I. I could never imagine wanting to pack up and move to any other place. Now travel! Oh yes, I love to travel to unknown places and explore. I have actually visited many states and have always enjoyed learning more about the places others call home. Today I am going to be collaborating with Kendra Thornton (former Orbitz Director of Communications). Kendra lives in the city of Chicago. She will be sharing her favorite things to do in her home city. I will start with 5 things I love about my home state, Oklahoma.

1)      Oklahoma has beautiful state parks. As a homeschool mother, I have enjoyed being able to pack up for a day and go explore the parks with my children. Oklahoma offers 35 state parks to the public, each with its own unique attractions and recreational opportunities. Visit the state parks page to find a state park perfect for you!
My hubby and girls on a trip to Boiling Spring State Park

2)      Oklahoma is home to the largest driveable stretch of Route 66 in the nation. How cool is that?

3)      Oklahoma is a warm and friendly place with a small town community feeling in all of the cities. Here you will find others taking the time to say hello to passer byers and when you drive down the road, most will flash you a wave. In the face of tragedy, we have bonded together. Many examples of this are found at the OKC memorial in Oklahoma City, remembering the bombing victims and celebrating life. Just recently, our state came together and through all the pain emerged many blessings of help and love after the recent Moore tornado.

4)      Our state capital is pretty darn cool! Watch this video to see why.

5)      Oklahoma museums are fun and engaging. I love taking my children to the museums to explore.

The picture above is the trip we took to the Oklahoma Railroad Museum. You can read more about that trip HERE.

I know that I could literally write a book of all the things I love about Oklahoma. That’s why I limited myself to 5 things. J  I now want to introduce you to Kendra Thornton. As a wife, mother of 3 children, travel advocate, TV spokesperson, businesswoman and the love for travel, I think you will really enjoy getting to know Kendra Thornton’s favorite places and different parts of Chicago. Follow her on twitter to get lots of information on traveling trends and tips. You can also visit her website here.

 I think that I can speak for most when I say that we all have a love for our hometowns. Whether it’s a local coffee shop in town that we enjoy our morning trip to, or a historic building that embodies the spirit of the city, there is something special about every area. My home is Chicago, and there is so much that I love about the place. Here a some of my favorite places, along with the reasons behind them.


One of the great parts about being in a big city is that there are tons of different attractions. For a person with wide interests, this can be a great asset. The Symphony Center in Chicago is one of my favorites. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the best in the nation, and I am wowed every time I attend. It is located on S. Michigan Avenue, and they have been playing for one hundred years in Chicago.

 Wrigley Field 

Attending any sporting event in Chicago is an incredible experience, but Wrigley Field is my personal favorite. When one thinks about Chicago, Wrigley is one of the first places that always come to mind. It doesn’t matter if the Chicago Cubs are the best or the worst team in baseball, Wrigley will always be fun and upbeat! Catching an afternoon game on the weekends is a great family experience!

 Where to Eat

 The city of Chicago has something to offer for all tastes and interests. The food scene throughout the city varies from your famous burgers and delicious pizza to some of the finest dining in the country. If you ever visit Chicago, the site gogobot offers user reviews and great deals on hotels and restaurants throughout Chicago.

 Outdoor Fun!

 If you’re looking to enjoy some fun outside when visiting the Windy City, there are plenty of options for you! Numerous parks offer a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, and (weather permitting) the beaches on Lake Michigan are gorgeous! One of my favorite places to bring my kids is the Lincoln Park Zoo. This zoo has been a staple of Chicago since 1868, and is one of the oldest in the United States. It is open all year long, free to all, and absolutely beautiful. 

I'd like to thank Kendra for her wonderful post and 
thank you friends for taking the time to read about our favorite things in the state and town we love. 

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