Friday, September 27, 2013

Polar Regions - Wk 4 - Day 10 - Arctic Review

Today we are going to be reviewing all that we have learned about the Arctic this past 2 weeks. Once again, I marvel at how fast these 2 weeks have flown by. When I first sat down with my mother-in-law to plan our units, I just knew that 2 weeks would be too long. Boy! was I wrong. There is so much to fit in to these units, I swear I could drag them on for months at a time. Unfortunately our time has came to finish up learning about the Arctic and next week we will be learning about Australia. Visit us next week as we dive into the land down under.

Here is a link list of all of our learning days about Antarctica and the Arctic. 

Polar Regions Unit 
                         Antarctic      Arctic    
                           Week 3      Week 4
                           Day 1         Day 6
                           Day 2         Day 7 
                           Day 3         Day 8 
                           Day 4         Day 9 
                           Day 5         Day 10 

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